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    Tips for getting points, items, and rewards in Call of Duty: Mobile

    Call of Duty: Mobile game is regarded as the best FPS multiplayer mobile game ever. How do you get points in Call of Duty: Mobile? The easiest way to make money with the game is to buy a Season 1 Battle Pass, which will give you 800CP, which you can buy in the store for £ 9.99.

    After unlocking the Battle Pass, you will be able to earn COD points by unlocking levels by completing challenges. Check out our guide to learn how to rank and discuss for more information.

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    What is points in Call of Duty: Mobile?

    COD Points are an elective currency that one can purchase with real money in Call of Duty: Mobile. Players use points to procure numerous items in the Store, including Weapons Experience Cards, which are necessary to level up their weapons. To acquire COD points, you should visit the Store in-game and tap the CP icon.

    There are two types of in-game currencies: coins and COD points. Each has different uses and methods of obtaining it.

    1. COD points are used to purchase mission manuals and other props in the Store, and this can be obtained by recharging.
    2. Coins are the most common currency in the game. Players can get them by completing tasks, opening treasure chests, as well as joining active teams, etc.

    Upgrade Battle Pass for points

    When you upgrade your Battle Pass, you will end up with up to 800CP, which is enough to buy the next season’s Battle Pass. You will receive various rewards throughout the entire battle pass. You can also choose to spend those COD points on items available in the store or save them as your next season pass.

    Call of Duty sometimes offers special offers for COD points. By ranking battle passes, you can earn points in the same way as COD points. However, they are also available through free passes, which means you don’t have to invest in real-life money. In general, credits are available for free. You can make money with limited-time events, check out the middle tab on the left side of the main menu.

    Use of Call of Duty: Mobile points

    Points can be used in the store just like COD points. The only difference is the choice of goods. You can use a small amount of loot in exchange for Credits, and COD Points can provide more. In any case, you should not encounter enemies who have already won money-weapon upgrades are mainly decorative, and when they get bonuses, their power is not unfair.

    How to get rewards and items in Call of Duty: Mobile?

    There are many ways to earn items in Call of Duty: Mobile. As always, the Battle Pass leveling system opens up a large number of items at the free and premium levels. Gun XP cards, sprays, and gear cases can be unlocked for free, but loot boxes can also be used. Besides, the “daily crate” can be unlocked, which indicates a 33% chance of a rare device falling. The Battle Pass Crate is only available at the advanced level, and rare gears in blue and purple are more likely to appear.

    5 rarities of rewards

    Rewards comes in five rarities:

    • Common – (Gray)
    • Uncommon – (Green)
    • Rare – (Blue)
    • Epic – (Purple)
    • Legendary – (Orange)

    You can get rewards for participating in ranked games. Most of the time, we receive a Weapon XP card, and check your mailbox regularly to find and claim equipment.

    Moreover, friends can easily send XP cards to each other. Just click the icon at the top of the main menu to enter your friend’s list, and check the “Friends” >”EXP” button next to the name of the friend you want. If an item is received from the loot box, it will be automatically converted into points, and more points can be used for rare items.

    Final Thoughts

    Even without spending any money, the path to leveling up is worth it. There are plenty of modes to switch between, including the immersive Battle Royale mode and the Multiplayer mode(Traditional 5v5 team-based combat). Furthermore, Panda Helper offers free COD Mobile Hack and Mod APK for iOS and Android, which unlock various features. Learn how to download Call of Duty: Mobile on iPhone/Android here.

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