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    Travel Town cheat and tips for getting free energy and leveling up


    Travel Town is a casual puzzle merge game, developed by Magmatic Games Ltd. Check out the Travel Town game guide before stating. You can explore various towns in the game world. On your journey, you will find and merge various items on the board to rebuild and improve the town. Get enough energy and resources to make your town more luxurious and attractive. Here you will find some cheats and tips to get free energy and special items.

    How to cheat in Travel Town?

    As far as we know, the original version of the game did not have any cheat clicks. Nevertheless, Panda Helper developed the Travel Town Hack designed to get free coins and gems for many players who don’t want to spend time and money accumulating currency. There are tutorial on downloading Travel Town Hack. Please note that this is not malware, you still need strategies to upgrade and build your town, just like the original game progression.

    Travel Town

    Strategies to play Travel Town better

    We provide some tips and strategies for building towns better and leveling up faster, which you can find below.

    Complete quests in the list

    You can find the list of quests at the top of the game, which tell you what items you need to craft. It’s a good idea to prioritize trying to merge these items right from the start, so you can get what for repairing the buildings in your town and gain the experience points you need to upgrade as soon as possible.

    Organize your board and save space

    In the beginning, you will only have limited space to merge, and some objects are covered by sand. So focus on the same items that can unblock more space. As you level up, more rooms will be freed and you can have a wider range of objects on the merge board.

    It’s not difficult at the beginner level, as you only have a limited number of items on the board. But as you go forward, organizing the items in the same types will make you more ease when you need a certain item.

    You can also save space by gathering the same items. Moreover, if you are running out of space, then drag items to your spare inventory space. As well as the board slots, you can also purchase more spare inventory spaces. Select the dollar icon to sell items you do not need, that is also a good way to free up more space.

    Satisfied your neighbors and get coins

    Complete quests for villagers to unlock more special items! And every player can upgrade their buildings with smiley coins. Fulfilling the requests of neighbors, you will constantly have orders to deliver. Although, some items may not have many smiles in return. Some neighbors may pay fortunes or rare items.

    neighbors in Travel Town

    Upgrade and place your building strategically

    Strategically upgrading town facilities and planning building locations is critical. For example, focus on upgrading production buildings to increase resource output and generate more income. Residential areas should be near amenities like shops and recreational spots, while factories and farms benefit from being close to each other.

    How to get free energy in Travel Town?

    To start to play the game, you need energy. You will start with 100 units of energy in the form of lightning. You must use them wisely. The energy will allow you to constantly load items on the board, but energy is indeed spent quickly. That is why we suggest keeping energy items like smileys in the inventory and reaching the maximum level. For an energy item at the maximum level, you will get 100 units of energy.

    ways to get free energy in Travel Town

    Here are some effective ways to obtain free energy in Travel Town:

    1. Daily Rewards: Log in to the game every day to receive daily rewards. Typically, these rewards include free energy.
    2. Watching Ads: You can choose to watch ads in exchange for rewards, which is a quick and easy way to get free energy.
    3. Complete quests and challenges: Completing quests and challenges not only improves your gameplay, but often rewards you with free energy. Prioritize these tasks.
    4. Join and complete events: Travel Town often hosts special events and limited time challenges. Successfully completing them give you the opportunity to earn a generous reward of energy.
    5. In-game purchases: While not exactly “free”, occasionally it may offer special promotions or bundles.
    6. Neighbors’ gifts: In Travel Town, you may receive gifts for interacting with your neighbors. These gifts can sometimes include free energy. Be a good neighbor and give gifts to others as well, as they may return energy gifts.
    7. Refer a Friend: Check to see if Travel Town has a referral system, invite your friends to play and when they join you can get free energy as a referral bonus.

    Special items in Travel Town

    Rare items are hard to get. Keep the following special items when you get them.

    • Joker
    • Bubbled items
    • Mysterious letter
    • Mysterious fossil


    You have learned about Travel Town game cheats and tips. To upgrade quickly, focus on completing quests and achievements as they provide experience points. In addition, utilize your resources efficiently to upgrade buildings and unlock new features. From mastering merging strategies to optimizing resource management and constructing buildings, you are destined for greatness in Travel Town! If you still have any questions, you can find more comprehensive answers at the Travel Town Game Help Center.

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    Travel Town cheat and tips for getting free energy and leveling up

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