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WhatsApp Stop Supporting Windows Phone

As Windows Phone officially stopped supporting on December 10, more and more software vendors and developers announced that they would abandon maintenance and subsequent support for Windows Phone platform.

As previously published by Facebook, its popular live chat software WhatsApp will officially stop supporting on December 31, 2019. Also, the announcement stated that starting on February 1, 2020, support for older versions of Android (2.3.7 and earlier) and iOS (iOS 8 and earlier) will be discontinued.WhatsApp Stop Supporting
The WhatsApp app for Windows Phone has remained active since it received a significant update Available on Windows Phone 7, the Metro design language, which has existed since its debut, has been supported for a long time.

Windows Phone users have lost support from many popular vendors for apps over the past few months, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. These apps have all been retired on April 30, which has made the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 Mobile currently available. In a weird state of being half dead. However, PC users don’t have to be too nervous. WhatsApp updates will continue, and there is news that a new UWP version will appear, and the smooth design style advocated by Microsoft will be introduced.

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