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    “The Sims” New Work May Focus On Social Interaction And Competition Elements

    The next "The Sims" game is not yet known when it will be released, but there are some ideas about the future of EA. During an EA investor conference call, Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, was asked about the possibility of launching a new version of The Sims focused on online elements, saying that the next generation may focus more on "social interaction and competition."
    The Sims New Work
    He said Maxis Studio has been thinking about the next generation of "The Sims"-in the case of a cross-platform cloud environment-it is not difficult to imagine that in addition to continuing to stay true to our inspiration, continue to create and improve it, the concepts of social interaction and competition -Just like we tried in The Sims Online many years ago-they will gradually become part of the Sims game experience in the coming years.

    "We are very excited. The Sims series is really not competitive in terms of providing players with motivation and we think this is an opportunity for us to achieve tremendous growth for many years to come."

    EA and Maxis are still continuing to create content for "The Sims 4", just released the "Cozy Little House" DLC, I don’t know when the "The Sims 5" can be officially announced?

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