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Newbie gameplay of the game "Among Us".

Among Us is a very interesting werewolf game.

But the beginning of the contact for new players to have a certain threshold of understanding, many of the new players in the new into the game are not too good to play, so next I will bring a newbie gameplay of Among Us.

Among Us game rules and scene is in a space ship, the game is divided into two camps. the crew camp and the impostors camp. Complete all the ship building tasks, or vote to throw all the impostors out of the airlock.

Among Us rules

Among Us is set on a space ship and is divided into two camps.

Camp I: The crewmate (the good guys)
Among Us Gameplay

Camp II: The impostor (werewolves)
Among Us Gameplay

The ratio of the number of campers is set by the opening host to have a maximum of three impostors, but since the game's impostor win condition is when the number of impostors is the same as the number of crew members, the game is very easy for the impostors to win if there are three impostors.

Among Us win conditions

Crew camp:

Complete all ship building missions, or throw all impostors out of airlock by voting them out.

Impostor camp: The impostors also has two ways to win.

One is by destroying key components of the ship in a time-limited task, if the crew does not complete the corresponding task (fixing the reactor or the oxygen supply) within the allotted time, the impostors WIN.

Another way to win is to keep killing crew members until the number of impostors matches the number of crew members, then the impostors WIN.

Among Us game flow and special mechanics

Discussion session

This is a mandatory part of this game, when someone reports finding a body, everyone enters the discussion and goes to a vote, with the most votes being thrown out of the airlock.

Alternatively, the emergency button can be pressed during the game to force entry into the game discussion, and the emergency button also has a limit on the number of times it can be pressed per game.

Votes can be assigned to a player based on the discussion, or can be skipped if the situation is unclear, the user with the most votes (or the most skipped votes) is the sole result of the discussion for the round, if a player has the most votes, that player is thrown out, if the most skipped votes, no player is thrown out of the airlock for the round.

Crew Quest.

The game's crew can win the game by completing all the missions, each with slightly different content, some missions also need to cooperate, you can follow the instructions on the map to go to, the form of the mission are very simple, that is, some point and click operation.

It should be noted that try to avoid acting alone, so that the K.O. are no witnesses.
Among Us Gameplay

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