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Among Us! gameplay for newbies, more tips and tricks


Among Us is a very interesting werewolf game. But at the beginning of the contact for new players to have a certain threshold of understanding, many of the new players in the game are not too good to play, so next I will bring a newbie gameplay of Among Us.

Among Us game rules and scene is in a spaceship, the game is divided into two camps. the crew camp and the impostors camp. Complete all the ship-building tasks, or vote to throw all the impostors out of the airlock.

Overall Among Us gameplay

Among Us! is a popular online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. Welcome to the Innersloth official website to watch the fun trailer of the Among Us! game and learn the updated info about gameplay.

It has a simple gameplay where you have to guess the next phase. The game has multiple levels, each one more challenging than the last. You can play the game for free, with unlimited guesses, or you can play against your friends to see who will be the ultimate About Us game champ.

1. You will only know your role in the game, i.e., you will be an Impostor or a crewmate after the match commences.

2. You control your character by using a mouse or a keyboard. The host can adjust the speed of any player in the game.

3. If you’re playing over the phone, you will be required to use an analog stick touchpad for movements.

4. Walk to the fitting room when you want to perform a task. For instance, click on the Use.

5. Button or the object directly. The job should be pretty self-explanatory.

Among Us camps

Among Us is set on a spaceship and is divided into two camps.

Among Us two camps
  • Camp I: The crewmate (the good guys)
  • Camp II: The impostor (werewolves)

The ratio of the number of campers is set by the opening host to have a maximum of three impostors. However, the Impostors win when their number is the same as the number of crew members. The game is very easy for the Impostors to win if they have three members.

How to win in Among Us?

For Crewmate camp: You must discharge the Impostors or complete the toolbar as a whole to win.

  1. If you encounter suspicious behavior or see dead bodies, it is time to call an emergency meeting with your Crewmate.
  2. Keep your eyes on the Security Cameras and at the same time check the Admin map to help maintain tabs on your fellow Crewmates.
  3. React very fast and boldly to cancel the malicious move by Imposter trying to sabotage your team;
  4. Ensure that your Alibi is readily available in case of false accusations against you.
  5. Vote to eject a suspected Imposter from the team.

For impostor camp: The impostors also have two ways to win as follows.

1. One is by destroying key components of the ship in a time-limited task, if the Crewmate does not complete the corresponding task (fixing the reactor or the oxygen supply) within the allotted time, the Impostors WIN.

2. Another way to win is to keep killing Crew members until the number of Impostors matches the number of crew members, then the impostors WIN.

Among Us! game flow and special mechanics

Among Us game

Discussion session

This is a mandatory part of the gameplay. When someone reports a body, everyone enters the discussion and goes to a vote, with the most votes being thrown out of the airlock.

Alternatively, the player can press the emergency button during the game to force entry into the game discussion. The button also has a limit on the number of times it can be pressed per game.

Votes can be assigned to a player based on the discussion or can be skipped if the situation is unclear. The user with the most votes (or the most skipped votes) is the sole result of the discussion for the round. If a player has the most votes, that player is thrown out. If the most skipped votes, no player is thrown out of the airlock for the round.

Crew quest

The game’s crews win the game by completing all the missions. Each task with slightly different content, some need to cooperate, and you can follow the instructions on the map to go. The form of the mission is very simple, that is, some point-and-click operation. Note that try to avoid acting alone, so that the K.O. are no witnesses.

K.O in Among Us game

Tips and tricks for Among Us!

If you also play the game, you know what the Among Us gameplay is all about. Whether you are an impostor or a crewmate, it is not easy to win. You can’t guarantee a victory every time. But we have a few tips and tricks that may help you improve your chances of winning.

4 tricks for Crewmate

You can also win a game as a Crewmate by discovering the Impostors and ejecting them through the airlock. When finding bodies or calling an emergency meeting, players can vote a player out if they strongly suspect that they are an Impostor.

1. Watch others do visual tasks.

If you see someone at the scanner, asteroids, shields, or Skeld trash, stop and watch them do it. When they leave and no animation has played, they may be the impostor faking the task, and calling an emergency meeting or making it known during discussion would be best. If an animation does play, it must be innocent, and you could stick with them and certainly vouch for them.

2. Get yourself verified.

Get other players to see you performing a medbay scan, priming shields, throwing trash in the storage area, or, if applicable, shooting asteroids, as these are the only actions that can thoroughly verify one’s status as a Crewmate. It’s important to note that if the impostor sees you doing this, you will likely be killed outright.

3. Be the 1st one to complete a task early game.

Because you are the only one doing a task and no one is dead early in the game, it can make you 90% verified if you do a nearby short task that can be completed quickly, and the taskbar would increase.

4. Don’t go off by yourself to complete tasks.

There are plenty of tasks to complete around the ship, but don’t go off yourself. If you run to a lonely part of the ship by yourself, the killer will have no witnesses when they take you down.

4 tricks for Impostor

1. Fake tasks

Sneak in through the vents to gain access to the ship quickly. Pretend you’re a crew member by faking a mission. Stand and wait at the mission point for a while when other players approach and pretend you’ve actually completed the mission.

2. Create mission traps

You can lure the crew for mission repairs by destroying things. Sabotage tasks to bring chaos and confuse the Crewmates. Be aware that you need to make sure you hide quickly to avoid detection.

3. Pre-emptive speech

Frame bystanders once you kill a Crewmate, take every opportunity to be the first to accuse them or give a reasonable explanation. If someone then accuses you, it is easier to gain trust because you have already explained. By defending yourself in this way, you can effectively disrupt the line of sight.

4. Covering for the real crew

Skillfully defend a truly innocent player at the right time. You can interact with Crewmates freely. Do everything possible to gain the trust of the crewmates that you’re among them without being suspected. Then, trap victims by closing the door and then killing them secretly

Last but the most key tips: Use these above tips at the right time! If the timing is right, using it is twice as effective. With a good understanding of the gameplay and more tips for winning the game, it’s time to download and start playing!

What are cosmetics in the Among Us! game?

Cosmetics are the various items used in the Among Us game to personalize the characters. There are five primary Cosmetics in this game: Skins, Hats, Visor Cosmetics, Nameplates, and Pets.

cosmetics in Among Us
  • The players wear a hat on their head.
  • The skins are worn on the player’s body.
  • Nameplates are found on the voting box of a player during the meeting.
  • Visors are worn on the player’s face.
  • Pets accompany the player until the player is ejected or killed by an Impostor.

When an Impostor is running through a vent, Crewmates can quickly identify them through the color of their hat or their pet. However, some cosmetics hide the player’s color, thus bringing further confusion among players.

Players with unique Cosmetics can be of great help to colorblind players when differentiating them. While some cosmetics are automatically accessible for players, they can only unlock other makeup by purchasing in-game currency. You can also buy cosmetics in the shop. Owned Cosmetics are equipped in a wardrobe.

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Among Us! gameplay for newbies, more tips and tricks

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