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    New & Update App on Panda Helper on September 9th

    New & Update App on Panda Helper on September 9th

    Update and add new apps on Panda Helper. Download them from Panda Helper. Check below to see whether there are the apps you want.

    If you want IPA files, please go to Web verion Panda Helper to download it. Here is a tutorial aobut how to get IPA files.

    If you use jailbroken devices, download Panda Helper Jailbroken Version App or use Web version Panda Helper Jailbroken directly to install apps.

    New Games :

    The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Hack


    Hack Features:

    • Infinite Resources
      • Can upgrade without resources
      • Can build without resources
    • Infinite Building Health

    Save The Girl! Hack


    Hack Features:

    • Unlimited Gold
    • No Ads

    Updated Apps:


    Enjoy the hack features to get a leg up!
    Download from Panda Helper.

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