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    Missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: the 12th mission – Running Dog

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most popular in the GTA series,.

    With 101 storyline missions (including the opening mission), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has become the GTA game with the most missions of any generation.

    GTASA mission Running Dog

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Story


    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is set in 1992, the protagonist Carl Johnson after learning the news of his mother’s murder, returned home in Los Santos, and found his family and his gang Grove Street Families like a scattered piece of sand!

    As the game progresses, Carl Johnson will slowly uncover the inside story of his mother’s murder and revive the gang and develop his own business.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission


    We’ll be compiling a list of storyline missions that appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for you to check out for Panda Helper users.

    Mission 12 – Running Dog


    • Scene: Running Dog is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Big Smoke from his house in Idlewood.
    • Mission For: Big Smoke
    • Location: Big Smoke’s Home, Idlewood
    • Target: Vagos gang member
    • Reward: Respect
    • Unlocked by: OG Loc
    • Unlocks: Wrong Side of the Tracks
    • Time of day: In-game time

    Mission Scene


    Carl goes to Smoke’s house. Upon arriving there, he finds Officer Frank Tenpenny and Officer Eddie Pulaski leaving. Smoke informs Carl that they are attempting to extract information from him. Smoke tells CJ that his cousin, Mary is coming to the town from Mexico and he’s going to pick her up.

    The two drive to a place to meet two Vagos gang members. After a short mixed Spanish conversation, Smoke knocks one out using a baseball bat while the other runs away. Carl manages to catch and kill him.

    GTASA mission Running Dog scene

    Mission Objectives


    In order to complete the mission the player must:

    • Get into Big Smoke’s car.
    • Drive Big Smoke to the meet. If you need a weapon, go to Emmet’s house.
    • Chase down the gang member.

    GTASA mission Running Dog

    Conditions of mission failure


    • Wasted
    • Busted
    • Big Smoke dies
    • Glendale destroyed
    • The Vago gets away

    Mission Reward


    The reward for this mission is an increase in respect.

    Mission Unlocks


    The missions Running Dog and Wrong Side of the Tracks are unlocked.

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