Minecraft hack iOS: How To Capture Villagers in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games that you can play on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. The main objective of playing Minecraft is to build and explore other parts of the game while surviving the attacks. As Minecraft is gaining popularity among iOS users, they are also looking for other Minecraft hack iOS. To know more about the different hacks and tricks, read on.


Skills of capturing villages in Minecraft

Minecraft players choose to capture the villages for several reasons. One of the significant reasons is to facilitate massive trading. The best hacks to capture the town in Minecraft are:
You have first to find out the villagers that you want to invade and trap. Once you capture the village, you will be able to remove their beds and keep them in the inventory that belongs to you. 
You have to create some enclosures for the villagers, and this is a skill that you need to master. Ensure that all the entrances are entirely open.
You have to place all the beds in the enclosures first and then go to the village bell to ring it. As soon as you ring the bell, all the villagers will come out from anywhere they are. 
Then, you have to send all the villagers towards the beds. Once those villagers safely reach the enclosure, you can close the gate.

Now, the villagers cannot come out of the enclosure, and you can attach and capture the village. This is the best Minecraft hack iOS that you can apply for successfully capturing the towns.


Skills you need in Minecraft

There are different skills that you will need to master the game of Minecraft. The most important skills that you need to learn correctly are:

  • Herbalism
  • Archery
  • Mining
  • Swords
  • Lumbering
  • Alchemy
  • Combat

To save your life, you can use some Minecraft hacks like - you can move many stacks of one item or even use the lava buckets. The next thing you can do is use the carpet or the slabs to prevent the mobs from spawning and to attack. One skill that you can use to save your life is using scaffoldings to build some tall structures. This can help you to get a better position in the game.


These are some of the best Minecraft hack iOS, and you can get more by following the latest news on Minecraft. Different hacks are constantly coming in, and you can stay updated by some of the best tricks we discuss here. Minecraft is a viral game, and many players all over the world are playing it. But sometimes, you can get stuck at a point from where you cannot come out. This can seem to be the dead end. NO! You can try out various skills and hacks to get going in Minecraft iOS and ace the game.

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