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How to Install Zynn from Panda Helper when certificates revoked?

We highly recommend installing Zynn from PC if you want to install Zynn which is a hot short-form videos platform on Panda helper when its common certificates revoked.

Because installing Zynn from PC let you enjoy short,funny videos immediately and Zynn can last 7 days without revocation, it avoids revoking problem and use it without worries.

What do you need when you install Zynn?

Installing IPA files requires a third part siging tool to process. We use Altsigner for example to show how to use it to install apps step by step. If you use other tool, they are the same processing operation. Altsigner supports iOS 13.0 – 13.3 systems and it works on all Windows systems.

When using AltSigner, it requires app IPA file, Apple ID and password. We will share you how to get Zynn IPA files in detail later. For Apple ID, we suggest you prepare a meaningless Apple ID and password to install apps in case Apple will judge your Apple ID occurring abnormal activities. Now Let’s start how to process it on PC.

How to get Zynn IPA file?

Step 1: Open Lite Panda Helper link on PC.

Step 2: Find Zynn on Panda Helper.

Don’t click "install" button.


Step 3: Download IPA file.


How to install Zynn IPA file with Altsigner?

Step 1: Download Altsigner and install it

Step 2: Donwload latest iTunes and install it

Here is a tutorial:

Step 3: Enter Apple ID and password.


Step 4: Recognize device UDID

Connect your device with computer via cable. Altsigner can recognize UDID of your device.  If Altsigner can’t recognize it, please reopen Altsigner or re-plug the cable.


Step 5: Import Zynn IPA file.


Step 6: Click "Start" to sign.


Step 7: Install Zynn app.


Step 8: Trust the certificate.

Trust the certificates on your device to get the use. Follow this to trust: Settings>General>Profiles&Device Management>Developer App >Trust.


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