How To Get Unlimited Items And Change The Speed In The Escapists 2 on iOS 13?

The Escapist is a popular game for players. The first work of The Escapist realist was well received. Can The Escapists 2 go one step further?

As the tortured metaphor of that intro should hopefully tell you, The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is all about busting out of prison.The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is a neat, charming sandbox experience and a notable improvement on the original.

The first work of The Escapist supports Panda Cheat Engine. The good news is that the second work of The Escapist 2 also supports Panda Speeder based on the same support for Panda Cheat Engine.

Before using Panda Cheat Engine, we need to understand that Cheat Engine won't work with some games. It is not suitable for all games. Any game which has some form of cheat protection or online multiplayer functionality won't work with Cheat Engine. The use of Cheat Engine may cause your account to be banned at your own risk.

What is Panda Cheat Engine?

Panda Cheat Engine is a game hack tool alternate to GameGem&iGameGuardian(iGG) on non-jailbroken devices. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more for an iOS game without Jailbreak on iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 11. You can change games such as Coin Master, TitanQuest, FarmVille, Battleheart easily.

Popular cheat engines like GameGem and iGameGuardian(iGG) are powerful. However, they don't support non-jailbroken iOS devices. Panda Cheat Engine is easier to use than other cheat engines like iGameGuardian(iGG) and GameGem. You can make your cheats yourself without Jailbreak, Happy cheating!

Cheat Unlimited Items In The Escapists 2

The following is an example of The Escapists. Panda cheat engine is used in the same way.

Step 1: Open Safari and go to Panda Helper official website to download Panda Helper VIP.
Panda Helper official website:
Panda Cheat Engine igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 2: When the website is loaded, tap on the "Download Premium Version" option to install profile first. Then activate and download Panda Helper VIP. Once done, go to your device's main Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile that belongs to the Panda Helper VIP app.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 3: Launch Panda Helper VIP, search "The Escapists 2" and install it. Then you will get The Escapists with Panda Cheat Engine.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 4: Open The Escapists and play for a while. Make sure the value of the item is not zero.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 5: Click "Panda" icon in the game. Then you will see the Cheat Engine, click the "Show" button.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 6: Click the CE and search your current number of items (choose "=" and "UInt" or "SInt"). It is 40 now in my game.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step7: Now in the result list, there may be a lot of values that you can't determine which one is the value of items. To narrow the list down, we go into the game and change the value by doing whatever one needs to do to change it.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 8: Get/Consume items in the game until the number of things has changed. Then we go back to Cheat Engine and search for the new value(it is 30 now). Repeat this step until the list has less than 12 values left(could be less too).
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 9: Click M to change the first two values to 999999 and click ok. The modified value can be determined by yourself, but not more than 2.1 billion. Otherwise, the game will crash.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2
Step 10: To get/consume items again, the number of things will become the value just modified. You can also change the amount of gold, gem, HP, SP, and more in the same way.
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2

If you want to get more games with Panda Cheat Engine, go to Panda Vip and click the icon named "Cheat Engine" on the homepage. Games in the list support "Panda Cheat Engine".
iOS 13 igg igameguardian The Escapists 2

Videos About Panda Cheat Engine

The following videos are about the games which have successfully added Panda Cheat Engine. You will love them.

Boost the speed of The Escapist 2 with Panda Speeder on iOS 13

If you want to speed up The Escapist 2, Panda Speeder in The Escapist 2 will help you.

Panda Speeder is an advanced hack feature for Panda VIP that can be used to change the game speed so that you will win the games more easily. It is similar to X8 Speeder on Android.

Tap Panda icon in the hack game and get Panda Speeder feature.
iOS 13 X8 Speeder The Escapists 2

Update For Panda Speeder (03/28/2020)

After careful consideration, we decided to launch a separate Panda Speeder plan for this update.

Free users can also experience the Panda Speeder by purchasing a "Panda Speeder plan" separately, without having to purchase Panda Helper VIP for whole year just because they want the Panda Speeder function. The prices of "Panda Speeder plan" start as low as $0.99 / week, giving users more flexibility in their choices.
Separate Panda Speeder Plan

Please go for more details:

Panda update a separate panda speeder plan for non-VIP users

How To Buy the Seperate Panda Speeder Plan?

  1. Click to go to the Panda Speeder Seperate Plan purchase page: The Seperate Panda Speeder Plan

  2. Select PayPal subscription method, choose monthly or weekly subscription.
    Separate Panda Speeder Plan

*It should be noted that when paying with PayPal, if the subscription mode is not turned on, extra days are not supported; And if you pay with Alipay, there are no extra days.

- The use of Speeder may cause your account to be banned at your own risk.

The list of games that support Speeder will update continuously, and you will enjoy more games with the Speeder.

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