How to Boost Speed of Farming Quickly in PostKnight? (Like x8 Speeder)

Before learning how to boost speed in PostKnight using Panda Speeder, let’s know more about it. Postknight with cutesy-looking is a fast-paced RPG gameplay into bite-sized bits within an exciting delivery adventure.

Instead of spending long hours experiencing the highlights of an RPG adventure, Postknight delivers it in small yet exciting pieces. The story follows the adventures of a Postknight — a knight tasked with difficult or dangerous deliveries.

Now, Panda Speeder is ready for PostKnight! With Panda Speeder, we can farm more efficiently and move faster while playing the game. Don’t you want to try this exciting and excellent game experience?

What is the Panda Speeder Feature? (PostKnight Demo)

Panda Speeder is a new feature that can control your game speed on iOS without jailbreak. It is similar to X8 Speeder on Android that you can speed up or speed down your games. Do you want to know what Panda Speeder is all about? Let’s take a look at the game demo below.

Update for Panda Speeder (09/01/2022)

After careful consideration, we launched a separate Panda Speeder plan for this update.

Free users can also experience the Panda Speeder by purchasing a “Panda Speeder plan” separately, without having to buy Panda Helper VIP for a whole year just because they want the Panda Speeder function. The “Panda Speeder plan” prices start at $4.99 /month, giving users more flexibility in their choices.

boost speed in PostKnight by Panda Speeder

Please go for more details:

Tutorial of Panda Speeder.

How to Boost Speed in PostKnight Using Panda Speeder

How to Buy the Seperate Panda Speeder Plan?

  1. Click on the Panda Speeder Seperate Plan purchase page: The Seperate Panda Speeder Plan.
  2. Select the PayPal subscription method, and choose a monthly or quarterly subscription.

Panda Speeder purchase

Videos About Games Support Panda Speeder

The following videos are about the games that successfully added the speed hack feature. You will love them. Let’s learn them together.

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  • [Speed Hack] Kritika: The White Knights iOS/iPhone

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