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How to Auto Plant in Hay Day Game for iOS?

Hay Day Bot for iOS can help you auto farm.

Hay Day Bot for iOS

  • Auto plant (Wheat、Corn、Carrot);
  • Auto harvest;
  • Auto sell them in road-side shops;

The features of Hay Day Bot are to auto plant crops like wheat, corn, to auto harvest crops when crops are ripe and to auto sell on your roadside shop if you intend to sell them. Those features of Hay Day Bot will save your time greatly. We will share you detailed guide for how to use auto plant from Hay Day Bot to automate your game!

How to use Hay Day Bot for iOS?

Before using Hay Day Bot for iOS, please install Panda Helper VIP first.

  1. Download and install Panda Helper VIP first.

  2. Download and install Hay Day from Panda Helper iOS

  3. Start Hay Day game on your iPhone and you will see the Panda avatar on your screen. Click the Panda avatar and tap the [bot] page
    Hay Day auto plant

  4. Get [Hay Day Bot] to start it and the Panda Bot controller will show on your screen now.
    Hay Day auto plant

  5. Click the Panda Bot, and the setting page will pop up.

  6. Before start to run the Hay Day Bot, you should get to know about the details in [About] page and set the Hay Day Bot in [Main].
    Hay Day auto plant

  7. Ticking plant box to auto plant and auto sell.
    Hay Day auto plant

  8. If you tick auto sell box, remember to set what crops to be sold automatically, what price it will be sold in and keep how many seeds.

  9. And choose how many field rows you want it to plant automatically, and choose what crops to be planted.
    Hay Day auto plant

  10. After setting, tap "Run" to execute Hay Day Bot for iOS.

  11. Wait a while and Hay Day Bot will automatically work.


If you need any help, please contact us by email: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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