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    Get iFile without Jailbreak from Panda Helper

    Get iFile without Jailbreak introduction:

    IFile is a complete file manager and viewer running under root, iFile gives you full access to your jailbroken device’s files, like Finder does on your desktop Mac.IFile is your tool for advanced management and customization of files on your device.

    At the same time, users may inquiry Where can we get iFile without Jailbreak?
    Don’t worry , let us know more details about get iFile without Jailbreak first.

    Get iFile without Jailbreak features:

    Before know more about how to get iFile without Jailbreak, we could know some features about it.

    Here are the feature of iFile :
    -File management: you can create, delete, copy, cut (move), paste or compress single or multiple files or directories. You can also modify the file (folder) name, owner, group, permissions, and modification date.
    -Transfer and share materials: Use Apple MobileMail to send one or more files via email.
    -Edit function: edit text files, HTML files and attribute table files. Edit file properties (name, owner, group, permissions, modification date)

    Get iFile without Jailbreak and install:

    Step 1: Open Safari and go to Panda Helper official website
    or Scan QR code
    Get iFile without Jailbreak

    Step 2: Tap on the Download button.
    Get iFile without Jailbreak

    If you are not the VIP member of Panda Helper, you have two choices: to be the VIP member or try Panda Free version.

    For a better experience, we recommend that you consider joining the Panda Helper vip membership.

    Step 3: If you are already the Panda Helper VIP user, click on the text link below the Download button.
    Panda Helper free download ios

    Step 4: Follow the prompts to install the panda helper profile so that panda can successfully obtain your VIP expiration date.
    Get iFile without Jailbreak

    Step 5: Once the profile is installed, go back to the Panda Helper official website to download the Panda Helper VIP app.

    Step 6: Now launch Panda Helper, search for iFile and install it.When you open iFile at first time,if you see the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”message again.Just go to the Settings app and trust the profile belonging to iFile like you did with Panda Helper.
    Get iFile without JailbreakGet iFile without Jailbreak

    Step 7:Check out iFile and enjoy it.

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