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Epic Improves Integrated Houseparty Game Streaming Experience for Fortnite Players

Epic Games has also been working to improve the integration of Fortnite and Houseparty in order to make it easier for players to stream the game to their friends.

Houseparty Fortnite

An alternative to Twitch, the move aims to bring a new and exciting live streaming experience to Fortnite players through Houseparty's video chat feature. As the image shows, players will not only be able to video chat with their friends via the camera, but also see live gameplay in the other half of the window.

Epic said in a blog post that the Houseparty integration is already supported on Sony PS4 / PS5 and PC clients, and will let you know if more platforms will be supported.

Epic is said to have acquired Houseparty, a "face-to-face social platform," in 2019 and is focusing on an easy and fast video group chat experience.

Stream Your Fortnite Gameplay to Friends inside Houseparty (via)

A few months later, Epic brought cross-platform audio chat improvements to Fortnite. And with continued improvements, a complete bridge between the game and the app has finally been built.

For those interested, head over to the official website to see how to enable in-game Houseparty streaming and video chat.