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Divine orbs for beginners, first steps in currency farming


In the world of Path of Exile (PoE), there are many different types of currencies, each of them has unique properties and capabilities. Rational using of currencies is a key to successfully playing Path of Exile, because it can significantly change the gameplay and player experience. The most important of all currencies in the game is Divine Orb. Divines in the gaming world are the gold standard currency in PoE. It helps the player strengthen his character, making the gameplay easier and more comfortable. This is the main reason why players invent different methods for farming this currency, also you can buy divine orbs poe on special trading platforms.

Path of Exile

Features of divine orbs

Their mechanics

Players use this currency to modify weapons or make deals with other players. Divines make possibility to reroll the number of explicit equipment modifiers and their value. It’s important to realize that divine mechanics can improve or degrade your weapon. In some cases, the best option is to sell your weapon and buy another with the right modifiers. Divine orbs have several features and nuances in modifying items:

  • Corrupted and Mirrored Items: divine orbs can’t alter сorrupted or mirrored items.
  • The items’ rarity and connections: after using divine orbs on equipment, their rarity, number of cells and connections don’t change.
  • Prefixes and suffixes: prefixes and suffixes can’t be swapped by divine orbs.
  • Legacy items: divines update modifier values ​​to current values.

The role of divines in trade

Trading is an important aspect of the game that allows players to make exchanges and purchase the necessary equipment and currencies. Divine orbs are the most popular currency because most of the transactions are paid with it. Divines give you the opportunity to buy high-quality weapons with good characteristics, which will give a huge increase in strength for your character. For buying the necessary consumables or other cheap currencies, you can convert divines into сhaos orbs. Check the exchange rates on special PoE sites, it can conserve your resources.

Way to get currency for beginners

Farming features

The game has many activities that allow you to get game currency, pieces of equipment and weapons, but they all are tied with killing mobs, opening chests, and Arcanist’s Strongboxes. The divine’s drop chance is very small, but it is not necessary to find them. Interaction with other players plays a big role in farming, because you can sell great loot to other players for divines, or chaos orbs, which can be converted into divine orbs. The most profitable methods for farming divines are very difficult and inaccessible for beginners. Such methods require a lot of investment, effort, skills, time, and strong builds. Often, experienced players farm in a team where everyone has a specific build and needs to follow a certain algorithm. Every step, every wrong move can ruin your farm.

One of the popular ways to farm currency for beginners is completing maps. It doesn’t require any expensive resources for completing them and will help you level up your character.You will earn a certain amount of divines and will be able to upgrade your gear for more complex activities.

Maps in PoE and their features

1. Main information about maps

After completing the story, which consists of 10 acts, players will discover end-game content. Maps are one of the first end-game activities that players will encounter. They represent unique locations where players explore areas and fight with monsters and bosses. Each map has its rarity, like equipment (normal, magic, rare, and unique) and a level (from 1 to 16). These map indicators affect the difficulty and loot quality. In addition to loot, players can find special divination cards that speed up the process of obtaining currency.

2. Divination cards

These are items that players can obtain by completing maps. There are a huge number of cards and each of them gives certain currencies. There are 5 cards that you can convert into divine orbs:

  • The Sephirot(10x Divine Orb)
  • Emperor’s Luck(5 different currencies)
  • Divine Beauty(7 orbs)
  • Fortunate Card(2 divines)
  • The Brother Gift(5 orbs)

3. Additional events

When players explore the map, they may encounter some new mechanics that have a certain chance of appearing. As example you may encounter the following mechanics on the map:

  • Legions: Legions are ancient armies frozen amid battle. Your task is to destroy them before the Timeless Monolith timer expires. After the battle, you can receive different map modifiers and unique equipment.
  • Essence: A type of currency that drops from frozen essences that can be found on the map. Essence allows you to improve weapons and equipment and also change some properties.
  • Harbingers: These mini-bosses are interesting element in the game, adding variety to the usual monsters on the map. After killing them you can get currency or currency shards.
  • Strongboxes: These are special containers that can be found on maps in PoE. When you interact with strongbox, it will summon guardians that you must defeat. As a reward, you will receive the contents of the chest. Strongboxes come in different types and each one has a specific type of reward.

4. Modifications and Atlas Tree

For receiving more rewards and complicate the maps, players can modify them. Map modification is an important mechanic in the game that allows you to change map for your needs. With the help of special modifier currencies in the Map Device, you can increase the chance of some additional events, or mobs appearing on the map, increase the difficulty, or increase the quality of the map.

The Atlas Tree is a system of passive skills and abilities that also modify your maps. It plays an important role in completing maps, because it affects on loot as well as enemies. The Atlas Tree has a large number of builds, you must choose the one that suits your needs. Some nodes may cause inconsistencies, so you need to avoid such situations. You can get atlas talent points by completing maps of different quality, completing certain conditions. Doing a full atlas tree build is a long and monotone task, but it will significantly increase your rewards.

Easy way to get PoE divines

Farming currency in PoE is a long and difficult path that takes a huge amount of time and effort. Some players can go through the same activities for several hours to collect divines. In such situations, players can quickly lose interest in the game, because it does not perform its main purpose – to bring pleasure. In such cases, the game turns into a daily routine. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time leveling up your character or farming currency, then buy Path of Exile divine orbs on special marketplaces. After the purchase, you will be able to buy the necessary equipment from other players, which will allow you to explore all corners of the game world and try new activities without worrying about a lack of resources.


Obtaining currency in Path of Exile can be a challenge for beginners due to difficulty and labor-intensive farming, however, mastering basic skills and strategies, you can improve your results. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on farm, you can always take advantage of the opportunity to purchase PoE divine orbs on specialized marketplaces. This will allow you to get quickly the necessary resources and enjoy the gameplay without being distracted by long-term currency farming.

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