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    The Impact of AI on IOS Development

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the technology sector and is anticipated to become an almost $100 billion industry by 2025. AI refers to technology that actively learns and adjusts according to new data. Naturally, major players in the technology space, such as Apple, are taking advantage of AI technology in their latest products and services. In this article, we will talk more about the impact of AI on iOS development.

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    AI in iOS Application Development

    IPhone machine learning is the latest development in iOS artificial intelligence. ML apps, or machine learning apps, are new apps released by Apple that make use of AI technology. Developers include artificial intelligence by including it in the app’s coding. Apple smart home hubs and smart assistants are also equipped with the latest AI technology. The AI technology is what gives Siri the chance to learn about your needs and respond to your questions better. It also updates the answers to questions as new information is provided. For example, Siri uses artificial intelligence to answer questions such as “Who is the president?”. Its artificial intelligence will update the answer when new information is released in November, potentially changing the answer compared to today (although hopefully not).

    The Impact of AI on iOS App Development

    Developers are incorporating artificial intelligence into new iOS apps. By adding AI into the code, the apps are able to update based on new information (within their constraints). Not only does this allow the apps to stay current, but it gives them many other distinct advantages, too.

    Advanced Security

    AI makes it possible for users to take advantage of advanced security measures. For example, AI facilitates face recognition. The more often you use the feature, the more familiar it will become with the unique features of your face. As the technology gets more familiar with your face, the better it can protect you. Additionally, artificial intelligence can be used to learn about the latest tricks used by hackers to preemptively protect your devices from potential hacks. Artificial intelligence alone may not be the right solution to protect your entire network. Be sure to include additional network security measures, especially if you store sensitive information on your computers.

    Automated Response Features and Chatbots

    Many people use Apple products to gain access to information quickly. Apple has used AI to answer some of the more basic questions using their smart assistant Siri. The more questions Siri gets asked, the more Siri learns about the user’s preferences. It can also ensure that Apple chatbots always have the latest information. Chatbots can answer simple questions for customers, reducing the call volume to customer service representatives. Ultimately, it enables customers to have a better customer service experience without as many reps.

    Language Translation

    The main problem with language translation apps is that they need to be able to properly emulate the subtle nuances of language. Many times, translations are too literal for their own good. Many translations also don’t take dialect or slang into consideration. AI will allow translation apps to learn how a person needs translations and adjust to those specific preferences automatically. For example, it can pick up if you tend to prefer one Spanish dialect (Northern Spain) compared to another (Southern Mexico). It will help you learn your preferred dialect by using the appropriate vocabulary.

    Search Optimization and Recommendations

    Have you ever noticed that after you search for a particular product, you tend to see ads for related products every time you revisit your search engine? That’s the result of artificial intelligence. This same principle can be used on your website to help guide visitors to products best suited for them. It can even offer specific recommendations.

    Embracing AI into iOS Development: Benefits and Obstacles

    Many people don’t feel the instinct to embrace artificial intelligence. However, it’s important to accept the change that comes with new technology. The competition will be using AI. If you don’t catch on to the trend, the competition can have a significant advantage. Furthermore, AI technology contributes to efficient internal operations and a better customer experience.

    You can use chatbots on your website to answer simple questions for your visitors. For example, a visitor can ask an industry-related question and the chatbot can lead them to the appropriate blog post. Additionally, the chatbot can help guide customers to the best product for them. All of this without the need to interrupt employees from their other duties to help.

    AI Consultation

    Get professional AI consulting to learn how you can use iOS AI in your small business operations to your benefit. An artificial intelligence consultant will examine your corporate processes and provide you with suggestions. You may be missing out on valuable resources. The consultant will then move forward with implementing the appropriate systems and training your team on how to make use of the technology.


    Artificial intelligence is an inevitable part of the future of digital marketing and eCommerce. It’s best to embrace it instead of ignoring its benefits. Just be sure to plan properly and use the technology wisely with the help of an AI consultant for your small business.

    Meta Description: iOS AI and machine learning are being implemented into new apps developed by Apple and Android. An artificial intelligence consultant can help you take advantage of the new technology.

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