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Activation Tutorial: AdGuard – Multi-platform Ad Blocker

AdGuard, a Multi-platform Ad Blocker. After receiving the authorization email, you can activate your AdGuard through the following steps. (Take the Mac version as an example.)

The Tutorial on AdGuard Activation

  1. Use the following link to log in or register for an AdGuard account.
    AdGuard Activation
  2. Go to your mailbox to check the verification email, click “Confirm your account,” and then you can log in.AdGuard Activation
  3. In the redirected webpage, click “Add a license” in the upper right corner and enter the license key:Add a license
  4. Open AdGuard, click on the AdGuard icon in the menu bar, and press “Activate.”AdGuard icon
  5. In the opened window, press “Activate.”
    AdGuard Activation
  6. Log in to your AdGuard account and press “Activate license.”
    AdGuard account

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