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5 Great Endless Runner Games to Pass the Time

This post will discuss the top 5 Endless Runner Games in 2022 to keep you occupied while in a boring situation. They include but are not limited to Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Rolling Sky 2, and more.

What comes to your mind when you’re stuck in a boring situation, have several minutes/hours to kill during lunch break, or on those long subway rides? Although you can keep yourself occupied in many ways, playing endless runner games is a top-tier experience. The best part of these endless runner games is that you don’t have to be online to play; once you download your game on your iPhone, Android, or PC, then you can play the game anywhere you go.

Did Vertical Parkour Games Originate From Temple Run?

Temple Run is probably the most famous vertical parkour game. Indeed, it is most likely the originator and benchmark of the current vertical parkour, which has been imitating Temple Run all the time. However, there is a possibility it has surpassed its features. Today, we discuss the top 5 products.

Temple Run 2 Download for Free

Endless Runner Games

About the Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a popular endless-running video game. Imangi Studios created and published it. It is the second in the Temple Run sequence. The App Store uploaded it on January 16, 2013. Google Play on 24 Jan the same year, and on 20th Dec, it was released on Windows Phone 8. It was not until November 2020 that Imangi Studios uploaded the Temple Run 2 on Poki.

Temple Run 2 Gameplay

Temple Run 2 has similar control functions as its predecessor. However, a slight variation in gameplay is brought about by introducing new obstacles like mine tracks, sharper turns, mine tracks, zip lines, fire jets, and waterfalls. There is also the introduction of new power-ups whose usage is mainly controlled by energy bars that you feel by collecting coins. You can save the protagonist from death through gems purchased online or collected while running. The game setting happens in different locations. The main character has been made to run faster. At the same time, the three monkeys that hunted the surface have been eliminated but replaced by a single colossal monkey, the Cuchank as the main antagonist.

The Features of Temple Run 2

  • It is free to play
  • You can purchase the green gem online
  • It is super simple to play. All you need is to tap to jump and avoid hitting obstacles. The longer you survive, the higher you score.
  • You can run, wall run, and vault your way over obstacles and the environment while collecting coins and avoiding fire.
  • You can perform tricks to score more points and gain extra time.
  • The Glider is critical in helping you navigate the tracks to safely negotiate certain risky sections.

Subway Surfers Hack Download (Unlimited Keys and Coins)

Endless Runner Games

About the Subway Surfers Hack

The Subway surfers is a modern endless runner game created by SYBO Games and Kiloo, private technology companies in Denmark. You can play it on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows phones. The Unity game engine powers it. The game has no shortage of challenges, whether you play alone or join the weekly challenge. You may need to download the Subway surfers hack version (Unlimited Keys and Coins) to ease the game’s difficulty.

Subway Surfers Gameplay

In the game, the player resumes the role of an upcoming graffiti artist who is caught while drawing a tag on a metro railway site. He runs along the railroad trail to escape the inspector’s dod to avoid seizure. While running, they play grap gold coins, valuable gems, and power-ups while at the same time dodging collisions with objects and trains. As the journey continues, he can jump on the train top and use hoverboards to surf until they crash upon hitting an obstacle giving the inspector a chance to seize him or get hurt by the train. This becomes the end of the game. Special events like the weekly hunt can give the player rewards.

The Subway Surfers Game Features

  • You can grind trains with the help of your pro crew
  • Good HD graphics and Colorful display.
  • Paint powered jetpack
  • Help and challenge your friends; this makes the game much more interesting
  • Lightning-fast swipe to bring new acrobatics
  • Hoverboard Surfing
  • Go as far as you can by dodging the inspector’s dog and the train.
  • Unlock power or special characters using the collected coins

The Zombie Runaway Download

Endless Runner Games The Zombie Runaway

About the Zombie Runaway

The Zombie Runaway APK is an endless mobile game created by Com2uS and released on 23rd Dec 2019. It involves the player controlling a small group of survivors trying to escape from hordes of zombies. You can play with your friends in a group or go alone; either way, you will experience intense and horrifying moments as you try to escape the horde. Zombie Runaway provides a unique and exciting gameplay experience that will challenge your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Zombie Runaway’s Gameplay

The game is played in the first person, and you have to navigate through the streets, buildings, and sewers to try to escape the city alive. It involves a series of missions, and you must complete them to progress. You have to make decisions along the way, such as avoiding the undead or taking the easier route, which will affect your end. This game has no random encounters; you must run away from zombies by moving faster than them.

The Zombie Runaway Game Features Zombie Runaway

  • You can avoid being surrounded, fight back against the undead, and try to make it to the exit before you run out of breath.
  • You can also kill zombies by rolling into them and causing them to stumble and die.

Rolling Sky 2 Hack (Unlimited Currencies) Download


About Rolling Sky 2 Hack

Initially, this game was available in 2 apps, the Rolling Dream being the first version. The version featured a circular icon, trials, and unreleased characters. The Rolling Sky 2 is the current app. However, the game does not feature in Google Play due to accusations of Cheetah Mobile compromising ad rules. The game now goes by the name Rolling Sky Dream Run. Maryjane-Dev released it on 27 May 2020.

Rolling Sky 2 Gameplay

When one of the characters fails, the renewed screen notifies you to ‘Keep Running,” although it is used to say “Save Me!!!” in the older version. The player taps the screen according to the music rhythm to avoid some objects.
It’s a playable anime movie that features a magical journey. It also has original soundtracks.
It’s beginner-friendly and ideal for players at any level. Gaming riles and unique missions combined with music and great stories. It has unique tasks and gaming rules combined with great stories and music.
The original idea was to develop a musical film where players could play music while at the same time presenting stunning PC-level graphics and an awe-inspiring soundtrack themed on the original studio recordings.

The Features of Rolling Sky 2

  • The game initially used Stars as currency, but now it uses Gems.
  • The game is a successor to the Rolling Dream.
  • The game sells itself as an anime movie or playable animated
  • It claims to have some Unique Epic Levels.
  • The game has an Egypt-themed level, the Pharaohs.

Rolling Sky 2 is an endless runner game where you can start a fantastic adventure with your finger movements. Although it has some challenging missions, it has a beginner-friendly gaming experience. It also features both a top-notch original soundtrack and anime movies.

Rail Rush Download


About Rail Rush

The Rail Rush app is found on the Apple iTunes homepage. You will come across exciting and undiscovered paths that you can explore across or near the mine, and if you go through the particular levels, you can earn more nuggets. It features several exciting environments in ten unique settings, such as the Calyx Cave Horde fights in the Zombies’ dwelling place; you can always make your comeback. Make your fantasy dreams come true while in this natural Crazy sweet Wonderland, Amazon jungle, and more.

Rail Rush’s Gameplay

All you need is to step into the cart and start exploring this adventure. Accelerate the cart as you move through the insanely fast rails, and at the same time, you will be swiping and tilting to avoid colliding with obstacles. Your objective is to collect as many precious stones as possible and get those gold gems and nuggets. You’ll come across various surprises and unique gifts, especially if you’re lucky. Besides, you can break the rock eggs and discover the hidden treasure inside them. You can now pick gems for your adventure collection. You can equip the cart with power-ups to prolong your chances while inside the mine. This makes it possible to complete your ranking up and mission.

The Features of Rail Rush

  • Cool power-ups
  • 18 different characters
  • Stunning graphics
  • Many hidden levels &10 different worlds.
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Game statistics
  • Game Center leader’s board.
  • It has multiple in-game achievements.
  • To learn more about this game, download your Rail Rush.

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