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You may have played Merge Dragons, or games like Merge Dragons. This kind of merge game can give people a sense of post-elimination satisfaction. If you like games like Merge Dragons but are worried that you won’t be able to play the original game to the fullest. Then it’s time to know about some games like Merge Dragons Mod Apk.

What is Merge Dragons Mod Apk?

Hacker made Merge Dragons Mod Apk, and Panda Helper provides it to everyone to install a modified version of Merge Dragons for free. This version of the game unlocks more great features for everyone, such as IAP FREE- Purchase an IAP, then tap on the ‘Cancel’ button to receive the in-app purchase.

If you like this version of the game, you can download it from the Panda Helper official website.

Merge Dragons Mod Apk

Games like Merge Dragons Mod Apk

Gardenscapes Hack

Gardenscapes is a popular casual mobile game developed by Playrix. In the game, players restoring and decorating a neglected garden by completing various match-3 puzzle levels. By successfully completing these levels, players earn stars, and use them to progress in the game and unlock new areas of the garden. Additionally, players can interact with different characters, participate in in-game events, and make choices that impact the garden’s overall design. Gardenscapes offers a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience for players who appreciate puzzle-solving and creative design.

Gardenscapes Hack Features:

  • Infinite Moves;
  • Infinite Boosters;
  • Infinite Lives

Homescapes Hack

Homescapes is a popular mobile puzzle game developed and published by Playrix. They released it in 2017 and is available on both iOS and Android devices. In the game, players help Austin, the main character, renovate his childhood home by solving match-3 puzzles. The puzzles are completed by swapping adjacent pieces on a game board to create rows or columns of at least three identical symbols. As players progress through the game, they earn stars and use itto complete various tasks and unlock new areas of the house. Homescapes also features a storyline that unfolds as players interact with different characters in the game.

Homescapes Hack Features:

  • Infinite Moves;
  • Infinite Boosters;
  • Infinite Lives;

Merge Town Hack

Merge Town is a mobile game. Players building and expanding their own town. The goal of the game is to merge identical buildings together to create larger and more advanced structures. As players merge buildings, they earn coins and unlock new buildings to continue growing their town. The game offers a relaxing and strategic gameplay experience, allowing players to design and customize their town according to their preferences. Merge Town is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Merge Town Hack Features:


How to download games like Merge Dragons Mod Apk

Panda Helper not only has several games similar to Merge Dragons Mod Apk mentioned above, but also has many free Apps and games. All you need to do is first download and install Panda Helper on your device.

After successfully installing Panda Helper, search or select your favorite Apps or games to download.

Download games like Merge Dragons Mod Apk from Panda Helper
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