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The Burrito Bison series consists of several games that follow the adventures of the luchador wrestler character, Burrito Bison. As he battles against various gummy bear-like enemies in a colorful, candy-themed world. The series is known for its engaging launch-style gameplay, where players fling Burrito Bison as far as possible while bouncing off enemies and using power-ups to extend the flight. Here are the main games in the Burrito Bison series:

What are the Burrito Bison series game?

  1. Burrito Bison: The original game where players are introduced to the character and the concept of launching Burrito Bison out of a wrestling ring to escape a candy world.
  2. Burrito Bison Revenge: The sequel that features enhanced gameplay, additional upgrades, and new challenges. In this installment, Burrito Bison returns after finding out his wallet was stolen by the candy world inhabitants.
  3. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre: The third game expands the universe with new characters. Eeach with unique abilities, and more features, including more upgrades and even boss fights.

The gameplay across the series involves slingshot mechanics, where players aim to launch Burrito Bison and his friends with the right angle and power to achieve maximum distance. Along the way, players smash through gummy bears, collect coins, and use various power-ups and special moves to keep going. The goal is to travel as far as possible, complete challenges, and upgrade abilities to eventually escape the candy world.

The games in the Burrito Bison series offer a mix of action, strategy, and humor. With colorful graphics and simple controls that appeal to a wide audience. They started as flash games but have since been adapted for mobile platforms, allowing the series to reach a broader base of casual gamers.

Burrito Bison series game features

The Burrito Bison series includes several games that share common features and gameplay mechanics. Here are the key features that define the series:

Launch Mechanics:

  • Players use a slingshot or wrestling ring to launch Burrito Bison and other characters into the air, aiming to cover as much distance as possible.

Bouncing Gameplay:

  • The main character bounces off gummy bear enemies and other objects to maintain momentum and extend the flight distance.


  • Players can purchase a variety of upgrades to improve launch power, bounce efficiency, and special abilities, enhancing their ability to travel further.

Special Abilities:

  • Each character has unique special moves that can be activated to smash through obstacles, defeat bosses, or gain extra speed and height.

Download Burrito Bison series hacked game from Panda Helper

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Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

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