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TikTok new feature: users can request creators to customize videos

TikTok appears to be testing Cameo’s competing feature, Shoutouts, which will allow users to request and pay for custom videos from their favorite creators, according to foreign media reports. Users can request videos using the same in-app currency that is used to tip creators in live videos. Now, it seems, producers can set their prices for custom videos with TikTok new feature.

TikTok new feature customize videos

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What the TikTok new feature is?

The feature is only available in select markets. As of now, it appears to be accessible to creators in Turkey and at least one in Dubai. The app also prevents users in some regions from even requesting to watch videos.

When tapping “request,” a screen pops up explaining how it works. When requesting a video, users need to pay upfront, and then the creator has three days to accept it. After about a week, users will receive the video in their direct message.

TikTok new feature customize videos

It’s unclear to us whether developers will need to reach a certain number of followers to gain access to the beta feature. We’re also not sure if TikTok will roll out the feature to more markets.

Influencer Marketing Factory CEO Alessandro Bogliari told BuzzFeed News that the feature is a “triple win” for the platform.

“Netizens make more money, TikTok opens up a new revenue stream, and fans are happy to have a custom video they can request, pay for and save within TikTok,” he said.

In addition, he said he thinks Shoutouts will take some of the market shares away from Cameo. Cameo was created in 2016 and lets users request personalized videos from big-name celebrities. Shoutouts simplify its use by staying in the same app.

Bogliari noted that TikTok Netflix might be able to take a cue from this – considering that Camero custom videos can cost up to hundreds of dollars – and can offer custom videos for $35 to $500.

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