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    How To Do: AppValley Not Working On iOS 13.X?

    Since upgrading iOS 13.3.1, many people usually find their Panda Helper or AppValley not working. Due to Apple devices with iOS 13.3.1, ordinary certificates may fail to install or cause crashes due to changes in Apple’s mechanism. This is the cause of Panda Helper and AppValley not working.

    Solution for AppValley Not Working:

    1. The first method: Super Certificate Service

    If your AppValley app is not working on iOS 13.3.1 (suffering a crash or can’t run), It’s recommended that you consider joining Panda Helper VIP, which is a feasible solution.

    Panda Helper VIP will offer a super certificate to sign the downloading service, and the certificate is working well.

    What Is The Super Certificates?

    • Super certificates support iOS 13.3.1; the applications using super certificates will not crash on iOS 13.3.1 unless revoked by Apple.
    • Super certificates are more stable and are less likely to be revoked than ordinary certificates.

    How To Join Panda Helper VIP?

    Step 1:
    open Safari and go to Panda Helper’s official website to download Panda Helper VIP.

    Step 2:
    When the website is loaded, tap on the “Download Premium Version” option to install the profile first. Then install Panda Helper VIP.
    Panda Helper profile

    Step 3:
    Launch Panda Helper VIP; you can also download many more tweaked apps and hacked games without jailbreak.
    AppValley not working

    2. The second method: Signing IPA by yourself

    Notice: After our testing, the tools does not support the devices with iOS 13.3.1 and above. It’s recommended that the devices with iOS 13.3.1 and above choose the first method. You can also test it yourself if you like.

    Using the third-party signing tools is another feasible way, just as we used Cydia Impactor before, to sign IPA with our own Apple ID. You may have heard of Cydia Impactor alternatives like AltSigner and Altdeploy. We can try these tools to sign IPA by ourselves.

    AltSigner supports for Windows OS and Altdeploy for MacOS.

    • For Windows users: AltSigner

    Download AltSigner

    • For MacOS X users: Altdeploy

    Download Altdeploy

    Panda Helper VIP Features:

    In addition to many hack games that can be downloaded, Panda Helper VIP has many exclusive features that can be viewed in the index.

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