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    Download ski safari adventure time ios for free

    The Ski Safari: Adventure Time is a fantastic game by Adventure Time that is bound to blow your mind. The basis of the game is from the famous Cartoon Network animation. The game involves fun escapades of Finn and his friends sliding on daunting landscapes covered with snow.

    It starts with a horrid avalanche chasing Finn, who escapes by gliding downhill on his butt. The ski safari takes place in several adventure kingdoms with excellent color schemes and graphics. To outrun the ice storm, you get to experience Finn sliding through Candy Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, the Forbidden Dungeon, Ice Kingdom, and Mystery Mountains.

    In addition, Finn can hop on his penguin friends for a ride, hold on to Marcelin, hitch a ride on Rainicorn and everyone in the gang! All you need to do is install ski safari: adventure time ios download on your apple device.


    The gameplay of ski safari: adventure time ios

    Use snow animals to move Finn faster on the slopes of Ooo instead of letting him slide on his butt. It allows him a chance to relax and energize for later.

    Purchase in-app features to unlock fresh tactics and more safari experiences. It definitely makes your skills sharper, and you get to the end faster.

    Customize Finns outfits according to your taste. Moreover, play often to get more features to make the game more interesting. Finn will definitely escape the avalanche with a cool ice-friendly car.

    The more the trick and stunts you pull during the ski trip, the faster your combo meter builds up. Don’t hesitate to ski like a pro! The ski safari adventure time ios download will be fun only if you let your creativity flow with it.

    The features of ski safari: adventure time hack ios

    • Infinite Coin
    • Infinite Gem

    Download ski safari adventure time ios for free

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