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Download Crunchyroll++ for All the Paid Premium Features Free

Crunchyroll++ provides premium features for free

Do you want to download Crunchyroll to get all the paid premium features for free? CrunchyRoll++ is a tweaked and modified version of its iOS application. With this tweaked version, one can access all the paid premium features of the its application. This modification also unlocks some hidden features which cannot be found in the original application.

Now you can get this unique app from Panda Helper, a free third-party iOS app store you can download paid apps and tweak apps without jailbreak.


And we need to go to Panda Helper’s official website to download the Panda Helper VIP.

Then install Crunchyroll++ from Panda Helper. Finally, enjoy it.

Features of Crunchyroll tweaked version

Crunchyroll++ for iOS

  • No ADs
  • HD videos
  • Enable Background play
  • Can use Airplay/Comcast

Crunchyroll++ for Android APK

  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Ads and Services Disabled
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Fixed Crash when changing language in Mod

Why do we use Crunchyroll++?

Crunchyroll++ has many features that set it apart from other apps. Among them is the ability to watch a wider variety of shows, access content unavailable on the original app, and customize the app to suit your preferences. Moreover, the app no longer requires jailbreak access, making it accessible to a larger audience.

And it has some unique features that make it a must-have for any anime fan. It has an extended library of anime, more shows, and no ads. Moreover, users can customize the app to suit their preferences and watch content unavailable in the original version.

Recommended App similar to Crunchyroll

There are several apps with features similar to it.

These include Netflix, Hulu, and AnimeFLV.

Each app has its unique library of shows, anime, and movies. Netflix and Hulu offer more realistic movies, while AnimeFLV focuses more on anime content.


Q: Is Crunchyroll++ free to use?
A: We can download and use it for free from Panda Helper.

Q: Will I need to jailbreak my device to download it?
A: Yes, we can download it without jailbreaking your device from Panda Helper.

Q: Does it have more shows than the original version?
A: It has a more extensive selection of shows than the original version.


Crunchyroll++ offers a range of features that make it a great alternative to the original app. It has access to an extended library of anime and more shows, no ads, and the ability to customize the app. Moreover, users do not need to jailbreak their devices to download the app. All in all, it is an excellent upgrade to the original app.

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