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    Panda Helper - Download Super Fancy Pants Adventure iOS, Android for Free

    This Article contains everything you want to know about Super Fancy Pants Adventure.

    What’s the Super Fancy Pants Adventure?

    How to play in the Super Fancy Pants Adventure?

    And how to download Super Fancy Pants Adventure iOS/Android for free?

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    1. Super Fancy Pants Adventure Overview

    2. What's the Gameplay 

    3. What's the Features

    4. How to Download the Super Fancy Pants Adventure Hack

    >Free Download  Super Fancy Pants Adventure Hack for iOS

    >Free Download  Super Fancy Pants Adventure Hack for Android   

    Super Fancy Pants Adventure Overview

    Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a third-person side-scrolling action Adventure game developed by Borne Games. It's an adventure of frantic running, dodging, and slashing, with sleek platforms and a matchstick man in gorgeous pants being the main components of the game.

    The Fancy Pants Adventures series was started over ten years ago by Brad Borne, an indie developer. He wanted to redefine video game platforming by making speed, and tight controls feel compatible. Over the years, he has honed his craft, turning his Fancy Pants games into a worldwide phenomenon with over 100 million plays and becoming one of the top games of all time on Kongregate. This newest version, Super Fancy Pants Adventure, is a culmination and a reimagining of the series into a full-fledged title. Whether your first time playing Fancy Pants or your hundredth, Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild run!

    Super Fancy Pants

    Gameplay of Super Fancy Pants Adventure Hack

    Super Fancy Pants Adventure Hack is an exciting game where you control the main character and perform various tricks. Spend the main character on dangerous and multiple levels of the game and try to collect numerous coins and bonuses along the way. Avoid meeting enemies and look for secret doors that lead to bonus levels, passing through which you will receive great prizes. You will find 56 groups, 20 pairs of pants and hats for the hero, and many tests in the game. Enjoy great graphics drawn by hand and an animated world.

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    Super Fancy Pants Adventure Features

    · Incredible hand-drawn gameplay style -- a frame-like animation world that gives you plenty of room to imagine,

    · Collect over 20 magical pants and hats for your more difficult challenges!

    · New combinations and controls allow you to wear these amazing pants again.

    · Arena mode, want to defeat a lot of enemies? Meet wave enemies in Arena mode!

    Free Download Super Fancy Pants Adventure for iOS|Android

    How to Download Super Fancy Pants Adventure for Free on iPhone|iPad

    > Please note the following:

    > Panda Helper can be installed for free when a common certificate is available, and both Panda Helper and Super Fancy Pants Adventure can run properly for the duration of the common certificate. But common certificate are easily banned by Apple. If Apple bans the common certificate, you need to purchase A VIP before downloading Panda Helper. You can choose 1-Month VIP, or a 6 Times Card VIP. If you're going to use it for a long time, you can select a cheaper Monthly VIP. Within the validity period of VIP, both Panda Helper and Super Fancy Pants Adventure can work typically. The 1-Month VIP means that no matter how many times the certificate is banned within a month, it will automatically renew the certificate. You only need to download the Super Fancy Pants Adventure again. The 6 Times Card VIP means that you can get six certificates within one year, and you have to repurchase for more than six certificates.

    Now, if you need a Super Fancy Pants Adventure for iOS, you must install Panda Helper first. 

    Step 1: Open the safari to go to the Panda Helper official website.

    Step 2: When the website is loaded, there you can see the"Download"button. Tap on it.

     If you are not the VIP member of Panda Helper, you have two choices: to be the VIP member or try Panda Free version.

    For a better experience, we recommend that you consider joining the Panda Helper VIP membership. You can enjoy more features such as Speeder, Auto Clicker in the VIP version of Panda Helper.

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    Step 3: If you are already the Panda Helper VIP user, click on the text link below the Download button.

    download Super Fancy Pants ios from Panda Helper

    Step 4: Follow the prompts to install the panda helper profile so that Panda Helper can successfully obtain your VIP expiration date.

    Super Fancy Pants free download from Panda Helper

    Step 5: Then, search for Super Fancy Pants Adventure in it, find the app "Super Fancy Pants Adventure", download and install it. 

    Step 6: When you open it the first time, you see the"Untrusted Enterprise Developer"message . Go to the Settings app, Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, and trust the profile that belongs to the Super Fancy Pants Adventure.

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    How to Get Super Fancy Pants Adventure Apk for Free

    If you are an Android user, the corresponding installation link is also provided here. Panda Helper for Android is free, and you don't need to pay for VIP. You can get Super Fancy Pants Adventure Mod Apk for free.