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    • Chris

      Is it updated yet?

    • El gobierno


    • Raynita

      I love sims

    • Charlie

      I can not donload loading data game the sim freeplay 5.770

    • Gabbie

      Hey add att please, and att for agost 08

    • Edenew

      Not working

    • Meg

      Dont install ! It hasn’t the new version you will waste your money

    • dev

      please update :) can’t play with old version. thank you!

    • Steph

      PLEASE UPDATE! Unable to download

    • Steve

      Please update! It’s been months.

    • Kb

      Can't get past tutorial because we can't access store... Is there a fix?

    • No

      Brooooooo fix it I need alll the things plzzz

    • لبارففل


    • Me

      When is one sims freeplay not gonna be vip?! I’m trying

    • Lol

      How long will it take for you guys to fix the revoked thing?

    • وليد

      Free Link Now

    • Sam

      just say it’s not free.

    • Liv

      I have no problem with you charging for this but at least tell people its not free before they go to all the trouble of downloading it only to discover nothing about it is free. Just saying.

    • Nena

      It should be for Samsung too


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