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    Among Us!  HackAmong Us!  HackAmong Us!  HackAmong Us!  Hack


    Want to play a bit brain-burning game to show off your ingenuity? Among Us Hack is definitely for you. This article will tell you all the useful content related to Among Us from the following six aspects, and you can also choose to read the parts that you are interested in.


    Where can you play Among Us Game?

    How to play Among Us ?

    Among Us Game Features

    What are cosmetics in the Among Us game

    What is Among Us Hack

    How to download Among Us Hack iOS Apk

    Where can you play Among Us Game?

    among us game

    Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game created and published by Studio Innersloth, an American gaming studio. The motivation behind creating the game Among Us was a science fiction horror movie, The Thing, and the party game, Mafia. The game supports multiplayer play meaning that you can play with your friend. In June 2008, the game was released on Android and iOS devices, and later in November, the same year, the game was released for Windows devices. It was not until December 2020 that the game was available for Nintendo Switch and in December 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

    Innersloth has just announced the introduction of a new art style in the game, which is easier to animate and cleaner. While the previous game version characters featured relatively rough black outlines, the recent characters appear to be smoother and more uniform in appearance. Characters have rounder shapes and circular visors. Although the changes are subtle, the new simplified character model has made it simpler to implement wholly new character cosmetics, animation, and even colors in the recent updates. More game modes and roles have been introduced in the current Among Us game update so that the game now focuses more on game customization and player freedom. The art style change indicates the possibility of further changes in the future additions.

    Get ready for departure but be very keen against Imposter's malicious intentions. With your 4- 15 Crewsmate, you can play online via local WiFi. You attempt to keep your spaceship in control and survive. You must be extra careful since a few of the players among the crew ship are imposters determined to kill you together with your Crewmates.

    The game settings are in a space-themed environment where characters resemble colorful armless cartoon astronauts. Besides, three maps are now available in the game "The Skeld" spaceship version, and further three included in the Skyscraper game "MIRA HQ" and the "Polus" station planetary. A player can take at least one of the two possible roles, often the Crewmates, although a small number resume the impostor's position, which does not change their appearance. The objective of the Crewmates is to identify and remove impostors or simply complete tasks around the space. On the other hand, imposters try to sabotage the mission by terminating the Crewmates before they accomplish the tasks or activating a non-stoppable disaster.

    How to play Among Us ?

    It is a simple game where you have to guess the next phase. The game has multiple levels, each one more challenging than the last. You can play the game for free, with unlimited guesses, or you can play against your friends to see who will be the ultimate About Us game champ. The game is still in development, so expect updates to come frequently.

    You start selecting either the LAN local or online to join the game. You can now choose to enter or create fun and the number of imposters you want in the game, i.e., 1,2, or even 3. 

    1. You will only know your role in the game, i.e., are you an Impostor or a crewmate after the match commences

    2. You control your character by using a mouse or a keyboard. The host can adjust the speed of any player in the game.

    3. If you're playing over the phone, you will be required to use an analog stick touchpad for movements

    4. Walk to the fitting room when you want to perform a task. For instance, click on the Use

    5. Button or the object directly. The job should be pretty self-explanatory.

    Players will need to play two roles in the game, regular players and impostors. The two characters play differently. Here are some helpful tips:

    When you are a crewmate in Among Us:

    ·You must discharge the imposters or complete the toolbar as a whole to win.

    ·If you encounter suspicious behavior or see dead bodies, it is time to call an emergency meeting with your Crewmate.

    ·Keep your eyes on the Security Cameras and at the same time check the Admin map to help maintain tabs on your fellow Crewmates.

    ·React very fast and boldly to cancel the malicious move by Imposter trying to sabotage your team;

    ·Ensure that your Alibi is readily available in case of false accusations against you.

    ·Vote to eject a suspected Imposter amongst the team. Did you make the correct guess!

    Tips on how to win against impostors

    ·You win by ejecting all impostors or completing tasks as faster as you can to prepare your ship

    ·Act swiftly to undo the sabotaging moves by the imposters

    ·Keep your eyes on Security cameras and Admin map to keep tabs on the other players

    ·Report any suspicious activity or dead bodies immediately to investigate who is the possible Imposter

    ·Hold an emergency meeting in case you discover something suspicious

    ·Eject suspected imposter through voting.

    When you are an imposter:

    Frame unsuspecting and innocent bystanders and also eliminate crewmates. Pretend you are doing a task to intermingle with the Crewmates. Sneak through the vents and move around quickly to avoid being noticed—sabotage tasks to bring chaos and cause confusion among the crewmates. Swiftly, close the doors and certificate victims and kill them in private. Do everything possible to gain trust among the crewmates that you're among them without being suspected.

    Tips to win as an imposter

    ·Frame bystanders once you kill a crewmate

    ·Pretend to be running a task to interact with crewmates freely without suspicion

    ·Sneak in through the vents to gain access to the ship quickly

    ·Cause chaos to disperse crewmates to implement your sabotaging strategies

    ·Trap victims by closing the door and then killing them secretly.

    Among Us Game Features

    You can play with 4-15 players via local WiFi or online. As you prepare to launch your spaceship, you must be very keen since some of the Crewmates are imposters intending to kill everyone on board. The game was primarily created as a multiplayer game, so we recommend you play with your friends online via voice chat or at a LAN party.

    ·Personalization: Pick your favorite hat, color, pet, and skin.

    ·Plenty of game options. You can add more tasks, impostors, and more advanced features.

    ·You have access to 4 different maps where you can play. These include the Skeld, Airship, MIRA HQ, and Polus.

    ·It is easier to find a game online from the developer's list

    ·You can chat with your Crewmates through the in-game text chat feature

    ·Multi-platform playing modes, i.e., Android, PC, and iOS.

    ·Rich Discord integration.

    What are cosmetics in the Among Us game

    Cosmetics are the various items used in the Among Us game to personalize the characters. There are five primary Cosmetics in this game: Skins, Hats, Visor Cosmetics, Nameplates, and Pets. 

     among us skin league of legends

    ·The players wear a hat on their head

    ·The skins are worn on the player's body

    ·Nameplates are found on the voting box of a player during the meeting

    ·Visors are worn on the player's face

    ·Pets accompany the player until the player is ejected or killed by an Impostor.

    Identification. When an imposter is running through a vent, crewmates can quickly identify them through the color of their hat or their pet. Crewmates can be used to trace their location. However, some cosmetics hide the player's color, thus bringing further confusion among players. Players with unique Cosmetics can be of great help to colorblind players when differentiating them. While some cosmetics are automatically owned/accessible to players, players can only unlock other makeup by purchasing in-game currency. You can also buy cosmetics in the shop. Owned Cosmetics are equipped in a wardrobe.

    What is Among Us Hack iOS

    among us hack apk

    While you can download Among Us to your mobile device for free from the App Store, there are still items in the Among Us game that requires real money. And this Among Us Hack iOS by Panda Helper solves all problems for you. Let's look at what's so special about the Among Us Hack.

    Among Us Hack features

    - Unlocked Skins

    - Unlocked Pets

    - Unlocked Hats

    - No ADS

    Among Us Hack unlocks skins, pets, and hats for you to enjoy the game to the fullest. And No ADS avoids the embarrassment of watching ads for you, and you don't have to waste time watching boring ads.

    How to download Among Us Hack iOS Apk

    1. Download Panda Helper to your iOS device

    2. Search Among Us Hack in Panda Helper

    3. After installing Among Us Hack, open the Among Us Hack app and enjoy it.


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    Version 2022.6.21

    Update 2022-06-22

    Languages English

    Size 55.00MB

    Compatibility Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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    Among Us!  HackAmong Us!  HackAmong Us!  HackAmong Us!  Hack



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