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    The Sims Freeplay Cheats

    If you like playing The Sims Freeplay on your mobile device, you must know how to download The Sims Freeplay cheats, which has unlimited currency without spending any money.

    The Sims is a well-known game series developed by EA Mobile. After its success on PC, EA Mobile has also launched the Sims series to mobile phones. There are several versions of this series. Different game companies jointly develop the Sims Mobile version, and The Sims FreePlay is prevalent.

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    The Sims Freeplay Game Overview

    In this Game, a player starts with a vacant neighborhood. A player is required to create Sims and bring them in.

    Like in a PC version, You can fully enjoy this game on your mobile device. For example, The Sims iPad. The player is free to take control of each household each at a time and also freely switch between families.

    Besides, it is possible to change lots by adding objects. In almost every minute, a player can also collect Simpletons from each workplace and household under their control. Each family is assigned an objective to accomplish with their functions similarly to their wants.

    The game comes with an XP progression system, i.e., it increases each time after completing a task. This increases the value of a neighborhood and awards players with LP.

    All the sims are free to interact with other sims such that they can make friends and engage in love relationships just like the mainline Sims games. Moreover, the progression happens in real-time, i.e., ten minutes of playing the game are ten minutes of real-world time.

    This means that time will keep progress even after closing the app so that the player doesn't have to wait for an active interaction to end in a game.

    The sims freeplay game

    Where Can You Play The Sims Freeplay App

    You can play it free on Windows ,iPhone, and Android devices.

    The game was developed by Firemonkeys Studios and was released worldwide on December 15, 2011, for iOS. Later, on February 15, 2012, it was released for Android devices.

    The developer later released a type of Amazon Kindle Fire version on September 27, 12, and Windows Phone version 8 was later released on September 14, 2013.

    It is among the first Sims games developed for iPad. However, it has some slight variations from the regular Sims games in that it features standard time.

    For instance, in a standard game, The Sims game, 1 hour of active playing in real-time is just a minute. However, in FreePlay, an hour of playing the game is one hour in real-time.

    System Requirements are the minimum requirement or specifications that a device must have to work with a given software or hardware.

    It is highly recommended to check the system features to ascertain that the product is compatible with the system.

    A typical Windows device should have at least. OS having at least Windows 7 supported with SP1 and Windows 10 is the most recommended. CPU with at least AMD Processor or Intel with 64-bit support functions. GPU, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or above, 2.8 GHz processor, or even faster. Disk Storage, at least 4GB of free disk space. A stable internet connection is required when activating the software.

    What Is The Sims Freeplay Cheats

    As with most simulation games, the most important thing we need when playing it is in-game currency. And The Sims Freeplay Cheats can fulfill that desire. This way you don't have to worry about not having enough currency to buy items in the children's store. Not only the children's store, you can also buy at any other place without worrying about insufficient currency. Unlock more places to increase your town value. The Sims Freeplay Hack is a cheat game developed by hackers. Panda Helper found it and made Sims Freeplay cheats free for everyone to download. Before downloading The Sims Freeplay cheats, let's look at what it offers in Sims Freeplay cheats.

    - Infinite Money

    The money in the game are as follows:

    Simoleons: The main currency in the game, used to buy items, build houses, unlock new areas,

    Lifestyle Points: Premium currency in the game, used to buy premium items to speed up the action.

    Social Points: In-game social points are used to purchase items in the Home Store and Online Store, preserve game progress in Influence Island Influence events, etc.

    In this version of The Sims Freeplay cheats, you will get:

    unlimited money+unlimited lp+unlimited sp+VIP15

    the sims freeplay hack

    Simoleons: 100,000,000

    Lifestyle Points: 268,435,455

    Social Points: 268,435,455

    VIP Max Level 15

    VIP perks are usually unlocked once you buy items from an online store using real money.

    These in-game currencies will not decrease after use, so you can buy any item you need with unlimited money, buy more luxurious sims house and even buy pets at the pet store. change VIP exclusive clothing for all your sims, buy more items to decorate your sims house.

    After having unlimited lp, you can use lp freely. Accelerate individual missions, complete mission progress faster and get more rewards. In the same way, you can freely use sp to complete social tasks. Now you can get better results in party boat!

    create function in sims freeplay hack

    Yes, anything you buy using real money will get points in the game. Ideally, the more money you spend buying items, the more points you will earn. This also translates to more VIP points you need, and the higher level of VIP you have, the more perks you will make.

    The VIP comprises various levels, and each group has its perks. For example, if it responds New next to the perk, it is simply new, and you will get it once you reach that VIP level.

    Again, if it says UPDATE, you have access to that given perk, but you will only earn more once you get to that VIP level.

    You can access all the other previous perks.

    There are 15 VIP levels in Sims Freeplay, and each level is unlocked using a given amount of points.

    For instance, you need 15 points to unlock VIP 1, 30 Points to unlock VIP2, 60 Points to unlock VIP 3, 100 Points to unlock VIP 4, 200 Points to unlock VIP 5, and 12, 0000 Points to unlock VIP 15. The higher the VIP level you reach, the more benefits you enjoy. 

    What Are the Privileges of VIP 15 in The Sims Freeplay Cheats?

    VIP 15 is the highest VIP level you can reach with a recharge in the game. You get a lot of privileges from it that normal users can't get.

    🔺UPDATED 10 Free Hobby most Lucky Spins

    🔺 UPDATED 7 Extra Sims per new Town

    🔺 New 1 Time Extension in the game

    🔺 UPDATED 7 Bigger Rainbow Cake in each Sims

    🔺 UPDATED 20 Daily Rainbow Cake in Slice form

    🔺 UPDATED 6% Bonus Lifestyle Points in each Store Packs

    🔺 UPDATED 20% Daily Simoleons Allowance and Bonus

    🔺 Professional Perk 5% Chance of Extra Profession Resources

    🔺 1 Daily Social Flower Seed Point

    🔺 Profession Perk Simultaneous Constructions

    🔺 3 Daily Monument of Resources

    🔺 An Updated Collection of all Revenue in New Town Map Button

    🔺 2 Extra Sims in each House

    🔺 Profession Perk Mega Spin

    🔺 Profession Perk Double Shift

    🔺 8% Bonus Social Points in every Store Packs

    🔺 2% Bonus or extra Simoleons in the Store Packs

    🔺 Exclusive Clothes such as Red Carpet Couture

    🔺 Hip Hop Threads featuring in Exclusive Clothes

    🔺 City Smart Styles are featured in Exclusive Clothes.

    How to Cheat The Sims Freeplay for Unlimited Money

    Without a doubt, The Sims Freeplay Hack is the best free cheat. It adds the unlimited money to your game account and doesn't deplete after use. It can save data and your previous game progress can be fully loaded into sims freeplay cheats. You can log in to your previous data on The Sims Freeplay Hack, which syncs your game progress and ensures that it won't lose your game data.

    You must be wondering how to install The Sims Freeplay Cheats for free, and I'll show you how.

    How to Download The Sims Freeplay Hack for Free

    Before installing more Sims Freeplay cheats to get unlimited lp, you need to install Panda Helper.

    After the installation is complete, open Panda Helper, enter The Sims Freeplay Hack in the search bar at the top, click The Sims FreePlay Hack [US] and download it, you can move in sims to enjoy free lp.

    Other results that appear in the search results are not recommended for installation because an author update is required.

    Due to Apple restrictions on devices, we can only use the VIP version to install The Sims FreePlay Hack [US]. It is recommended that you choose to subscribe to VIP, ensuring that you can enjoy the hacked game for a long time.

    How to Download The Sims Freeplay Mod APK 5.64

    Android users also need The Sims Freeplay Cheats to get unlimited lp, social points, and Simoleons. Next, I will introduce you to installing The Sims Freeplay Mod on your Android device.

    Download The Sims Freeplay mod APK Unlimited Everything  

    First open the official website of Panda Helper for Android using a browser and install Panda Helper on the device. Then open Panda Helper and search for The Sims Freeplay Mod, click install. Wait a while and you can enjoy The Sims Freeplay Mod for unlimited Sims cash.

    Other The Sims Series Game

    The Sims series of games is arguably EA's most outstanding work. The Sims Mobile and The Sims Free play are two mobile versions of the game. Have you played both versions of the game? Do you know how they are different?

    The Sims Freeplay VS The Sims Mobile

    Sometimes you wonder if The Sims Mobile is gradually replacing The Sims Freeplay. However, that is not the case! 

    The two games are different! Let's discuss each of the games below. The Sims Free play was developed by Firemonkeys and EA, while Maxis and EA created the Sims Mobile.

    sims freeplay vs sims mobile

    While in The Sims Free play, a player can create loads of families and houses and develop their towns, that is not the case in The Sims Mobile, where a player has only one house and a limited four playable Sims.

    Although the primary currency, Simoleons, in both games is the same, Premium Currency is different.

    Sims Free play, a player earns Social points and Lifestyle points, while in Sims Mobile, you get Simcash.

    Your new sims will retire and create a legacy for the future Sims in Sims Mobile, but in Sims Free play, the new sims will die after completing the Legacies and Life Dreams, although you can still stop their death.

    The whole idea of these two games was completely different. Except for EA Mobile, they were developed by various companies. Sims Mobile launched eight years after FreePlay, and by that time, the Sims 4 was already out, so Sims Mobile made more references to The Sims 4.


    The Sims FreePlay

    The Sims Mobile

    Initial release date

    December, 2011

    March, 2018


    EA Mobile
    Firemonkeys Studios

    Maxis (2017–2019)
    Firemonkeys Studios (2019–present)


    EA Originals

    EA Originals, EA Mobile



    Single-player, multiplayer


    Life simulation game

    Social simulation game



    Based on The Sims 4

    You can also download The Sims Mobile Hack For Unlimited SimCash & Simoleons & Energy and starting playing it from Panda Helper.

    Download The Sims Mobile Cheats

    What is The Sims 3 Game

    the sims 3

    The Sims 3 is arguably the best game in the series. There are enough maps for players to choose from here, you will never get bored.

    Download The Sims 3 APK from Panda Helper

    The latest Sims 3 version requires that you have an Origin. However, you can install it from your disc without necessarily downloading it, although in this case, you must create an active Origin account. 

    The minimum system requirements for the base game include:

    1. 1.5 GB RAM.
    2. 2.4 GHz P4 processor or even better 
    3. Pack 1. Microsoft Windows Vista Service 
    4. 128 MB Video Card supported with a Pixel Shader 2.0.
    5. A minimum of 6.1 GB of free hard drive space and an extra 1GB of space for the customized content such as saved games.

    Games Like The Sims

    In addition to the Sims series of games, Panda Helper also offers many Games like The Sims , and there are Hack versions of these games.

    Players love simulation games because they have a high degree of freedom for players to play freely. Here are some popular simulation games recommended for you, mainly from the aspects of gameplay and game freedom, so that you can choose and download them according to your preferences.