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    Simcity Buildit Mod new version highlights: the charm of the Middle Ages

    Since its launch, a new version of Simcity Buildit has won the hearts of many players with its exquisite 3D graphics and the freedom to customize the city to play. The Simcity Buildit Medieval Gathering was updated for all platforms, with a host of beautiful medieval buildings and related events coming together. Download Simcity Buildit Mod APK from Panda Helper Android to experience a new season with a retro-era theme, new medieval-style homes, shops, and scenic buildings, as well as exciting events for Labour Day.

    Overview of Simcity Buildit new version

    The Mayor’s Pass season of Simcity Buildit is one of the most popular gameplay options available. Each season has a different theme. And a collection of beautiful buildings will be released with the theme for players to collect and build. In the official new medieval version, the game starts a brand new season with a retro-era theme.

    SimCity BuildIt Medieval Buildings

    Buildings in new version

    For those who love the medieval style, the new season’s bonus buildings will definitely catch your eye. They include:

    • an armory
    • an ancient bell tower
    • a blacksmith’s workshop
    • other buildings that reflect various aspects of the ancient European kingdoms.

    These buildings have a stunningly elegant look. Moreover, players will also be able to see the citizens running around working in the SimCity Buildit. Free download the SimCity Buildit Mod to get a better feel for the medieval charm.

    Collect medieval buildings

    As well as collecting medieval buildings through the new Mayor’s Pass season, players can also collect other medieval buildings such as duel reenactments, walled areas, and round towers through retro-inspired limited-time events. The Walled Zone, the Round Tower, and the City Gate are all part of the Scenic Buildings, which means that players can build these medieval Scenic Buildings next to each other to make their city as solid as can be!

    The medieval buildings mentioned above all belong to the urban development category. In the new version of the SimCity Buildit, players will also be able to build medieval-style homes and shops!

    Old Town House in new version

    In the new version, a new type of house will be available: the Old Town House. This new type of house can be built once a player has reached city level 6. Note that the beginner’s Old Town House is quite old, with moss covering the roof and walls of the building. Players will need to gradually restore the buildings by upgrading them and restoring them to their original, elegant appearance.

    In the new version, the Restoration Bureau, a fabrication shop, will be able to produce new items for a limited time, such as cooked iron, wood carvings, tapestries, and stained glass, to help players restore the Old Town House.

    Final thoughts

    In addition, the new version of Simcity Buildit has also prepared Labor Day and Mother’s Day surprises for players. You will unlock the holiday-limited buildings, holiday packs Labor Day sign-in activities, etc. I believe that through these activities, players will be able to harvest a lot of benefits!

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    Simcity Buildit Mod new version highlights: the charm of the Middle Ages

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