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    Some NBA 2K20 mobile tips and hints to help you improve lineup


    NBA 2K mobile is a classic NBA series game, there are NBA 2K17, NBA 2K18, and NBA 2K20 until this year’s NBA 2K23. The gameplay of the NBA 2K20 mobile version is inherited from the console version, but some adjustments must be made to make it more suitable for the touchscreen operation of mobile devices.

    nba 2k20 mobile

    Mastering NBA 2K20 Android gameplay can be a bit difficult, even though getting started is actually very easy. In the game, players need to collect and assemble high-level cards. Defense is easier to play than offense, but whether it is offensive or defensive, it certainly requires some practice to master. In addition to continuous practice to improve the overall level, in-game gift packs are also provided in the game. Players can simply purchase gift packs to obtain diamond cards.

    nba 2k20 mobile tips

    Therefore, we would like to recommend some tips for NBA 2K20 playing, so that players will be more comfortable when playing. Apart from that, you can download NBA 2K20 Hack and NBA 2K20 APK here.

    NBA 2K20 mobile tips and hints

    First, pay attention to the pass success rate.

    Passing is so critical because it will lead to some excellent catching and shooting opportunities. And if you have several excellent shooters on your team, then they are the cards you crave.

    nba 2k20 mobile hints

    Secondly, the NBA has become a league game that prefers three-point shooting, but the big men in the team are still very dangerous.

    This is effective not only in the mobile version of “NBA 2K”, but also in “NBA 2K20”. If you have a strong center, you will bring some good performance to your inside. Larger superstars also play a good role, such as Anthony Davis or Nikola Jokic, they are both excellent backcourt scorers, and they are also good three-point shooters. Of course, it’s not that you have to own these people, just to give you an idea, so that when you collect cards, pay attention to the player’s style.


    One of the iconic gameplay of the NBA 2K series is how to make players use the jump shot effectively. Because timing is everything, there is a famous shooting table in the game. If it turns green, it means you have taken a perfect shot. If you have played “NBA 2K20”, then you will know how unstoppable it is to “release in green.”

    release in green

    Finally, stealing is more effective than blocking.

    This does not mean that you cannot block, but your safest bet is stealing, because wasting the blocking button may cause the opponent to easily make a layup. If you grab the ball, you can stop in front of your person and complete your dunk at your end. This seems an obvious trick, but you will be surprised how easy it is to do. Make sure to use the defensive button, when you hold it, it will automatically lock your opponent. From there, you can easily slip past the steal button at the appropriate time.

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    Some NBA 2K20 mobile tips and hints to help you improve lineup

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