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    Hire Freelance Writing

    If you like to play games, use Panda Helper's Speeder, Cheat Engine and other game tools, and can write tutorial articles, come and join us, you only need a mobile phone, you can use your spare time to get a high-paying side business at home. 

    Specific Requirements:

    1. We will give the theme of the tutorial article, and the article must be written according to the theme. 

    2. The article is more than 1000 words, and the corresponding screenshots of the game are attached. 

    3. For the selected works, we will put the article on our official website to share with more people. 

    Salary Rewards:

    If the article is accepted, you will be paid,the higher the quality of the article, the higher the amount of payment. 

    Ways of Registration:

    If you feel competent, please contact