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    Gangstar Vegas – Mafia action cheats and tips for a better adventure

    Below you will find a summary of some of the cheats and game tips that may help you progress through Gangstar Vegas – Mafia action. If you have any of your own experiences to share, feel free to leave them in the comments at the bottom of this page.

    How to cheat in the Gangstar Vegas game?

    There are no official cheats for Gangstar Vegas like you might find with Grand Theft Auto or console games. Because the game developers want you to spend money on the game items rather than allowing you to activate an invincibility mode or infinite ammo, allowing cheats isn’t in their interest. You can review the Gangstar Vegas gameplay and in-app purchased items here one more time.

    driving in Gangstar Vegas - Mafia action

    How to earn money in Gangstar Vegas game?

    The easiest way to earn diamonds and other money for any game is to complete the assigned missions. Usually, the more achievements you have the more rewards you get. Money is indispensable in any game, and if you’ve run out of them or are too lazy to do the quests, there’s very little you can do. There are ways to earn money in this game.

    1. Stealing car.
      After completing the necessary storylines, you’ll be able to steal sports cars and other expensive cars and then sell them at Carl’s Car Dealership, located just north of South Las Vegas. To successfully sell your stolen car, you must successfully escape the police chasing you before selling it.
    2. Kill rich NPCs that drive limousines and NPCs that have a bag on their head.

    How to get diamonds in game?

    There are several ways for you the earn diamonds in the game.

    1. Watch videos
    2. Doing solo events
    3. Complete missions
    4. Join the game Gang Wars
    5. Buy with real money

    Cheats in Gangstar Vegas – Mafia action Hack

    Nevertheless, you can find Gangstar Vegas – Mafia action Hack and more tools that allow you to use several activated cheats. There is an official way to do this, downloading the hack version from Panda Helper, a safe third-party app store. The available hack features include infinite Currencies, and infinite Ammo, without Cops. Check the tutorial to get Gangstar Vegas – Mafia action Hack.

    Gangstar Vegas game tips

    In this shooter game, there’re many advanced and heavy weapons and a wide range of armor, vehicle options for the players. To survive in this crime-filled city, you’ll need powerful weapons, fast and flexible vehicles, and skilled combat controls. There are several game tips for you to win easier.

    1. Get high-end weapons

    If you’ve played the game, you know that you’ll need a quick way to get rid of your enemies. At the start of the game, most weapons you can use are pistols and slow-shooting weapons. These are easier to find, but they don’t do much damage to your enemies. So you should get some high-end weapons as soon as possible because these can kill them as quickly as possible. This is the only chance to stay alive in most cases.

    shooting in Gangstar Vegas - Mafia action

    2. Upgrade the practical skills wisely

    You should prioritize skills and upgrades that increase weapon damage, rate of fire, and Health, as these will keep you alive and increase your strength. Skills like improved driving skills simply aren’t worth your money and points.

    3. Move and shoot instead of taking cover

    In this mafia-themed shooting game, the cover system isn’t perfect. We recommend that you proactively attack when necessary, and your best option is to shoot while constantly on the move. If you want to get close, try to move in a zigzag motion to avoid most enemies’ bullets. When you are low on health, use a med kit.

    4. Find and use keys

    Keys may be free rewards in missions or you can purchase them for real money at the Las Vegas Casino. If you find a key, it’s best to use it to open a chest, as this often unlock rare and valuable items.

    5. Use fast travel

    The Vegas map is so big that if you try to drive everywhere you want, you’ll spend half the game driving instead of actually fighting. The game introduces a fast travel option; allowing you to go anywhere by clicking on the map.


    Players who commit a crime become wanted by the Las Vegas Police Department. To avoid the police, you must go beyond the red circle mentioned on the map during the game.
    You can only play your desired time-limited event at a specific period. Check the in-game notification timely.
    Most missions demand specific requirements like particular vehicles or weapons. You can not start those missions if you do not collect all the required essentials.
    Tutorial to get Gangstar Vegas - Mafia action Hack for unlimited money
    Gangstar Vegas – Mafia action cheats and tips for a better adventure

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