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Mastering the FIFA Soccer game: A comprehensive beginner guide


FIFA Soccer is the world’s most popular 3D soccer online game. It features realistic player images, rich player team development, and allows for quick matching of global players. In addition, each football player’s character is designed according to their real portrait or characteristics.

FIFA series is developed by the American game developer Electronic Arts Inc. Its name: FIFA Soccer was officially authorized by FIFA until 2022. Starting under a brand new name, EA Sports FC, this game still gives countless gamers an authentic experience, brings joy and immersion to global fans, and elevates the gaming experience to a new level.

FIFA Soccer game beginner guide

FIFA Soccer has a huge content and complex gameplay, for many fans may be overwhelmed at the beginning. The game has various modes, including single-player mode, multiplayer mode, career mode, and so on. Read on to learn more about FIFA soccer guidelines.

Basic part 1: Understand the interface and controls

Let’s take a look at the newbie must-know “FIFA Soccer” main interface and controls instructions.

The layout of the interface is simple and intuitive. At the interface,you can see the team logo, the player’s nickname, experience and level, coins, F coins, shopping cart, and more options. In the main area, you can see several entrances such as My Team,Live Events, Leagues, Quests, Store, and so on.

To start the game, you should know FIFA Soccer’s basic controls. Each action in FIFA Soccer has a dedicated button, which changes dynamically depending on the situation. For example, if you are defending, you will have buttons for defending and tackling. For offense, the controls will switch to pass, direct pass, shoot, and run. You can use gestures (such as swiping or tapping on the screen) to control most of the offensive actions in FIFA Soccer.

FIFA Soccer game start page

Basic part 2: Beginner training in FIFA Soccer game

In the beginning, FIFA Soccer has prepared a relatively intimate novice training to help players experience every step of the game. It’s highly recommended to start the game with Kick-off challenges and learn how to shoot accurately, how to pass the ball to teammates, how to accurately pass into the open space, how to defend, how to keep the goal, and so on.

Not only that, the system has also carefully prepared players to teach the two modes of operation: button pressing and screen swiping. After completing the training level, players can switch the mode they prefer within the setting function. Most of the new players, through the training, can quickly get started.

Basic part 3: Build the strongest FIFA Soccer team

Having a super team is the dream of all FIFA Soccer players. In the game, players can complete various tasks or consume coins to recruit world-famous football stars and invite them to join their teams. Changing your team formation could affect game-winning, so keep in mind the strengths of your players.

The formation of 11 football stars on the pitch requires strategy. Players should be in the corresponding positions to ensure that they can have their best performance in the game. The game has a built-in “Auto Build” button, which can automatically help players match the highest rated formation with a single click, and players can also adjust the formation to suit their own needs.

The most important statistic that gives you a rough idea of your team’s strength is its OVR, which is displayed on the Main Menu screen and in capital letters in the My Team menu. A higher OVR usually indicates a better team. Besides, there are many team logos for you to choose from, so pick your favorite logo and lead your team to win the World Cup!

build your team in FIFA Sccoer

More tips to master FIFA Soccer game

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After understanding what to do and how to play it. There are more tips for the new players to enable you to get off to a smooth start.

1. Check individual statistics

To build the strongest team is inextricably linked to the strength of each player and the formation. You can click on each player in the formation in the My Team. All in all, you should assign your players to their right locations within your formation taking into account both their stats and their OVR.

detailed profile of a star in FIFA Soccer game

2. Train and upgrade your players

Bringing in capable players is the best and most direct way to improve your team’s OVR. However, the best player are very expensive. Fortunately, training your players is the most cost-effective way to improve your team’s overall strength.

Each soccer star can be trained to improve their speed, shooting, passing, agility, and other abilities. Depending on the star’s strength, there are six ratings: Brass, Silver, Gold, Elite, Superstar, and Master. The higher the overall rating, the more outstanding the player is. Even players with low stats have value in FIFA Soccer, as you can train them to achieve better performance.

  • 60 or less: Brass
  • 60+: Silver
  • 70+: Gold
  • 80+: Elite
  • 85+: Superstar
  • 90+: Master
Players in your team


Welcome to download FIFA Soccer, a game that combines skill, strategy, and passion. If you’re new to this soccer simulation game, this post will serve as your helpful guide to navigating the intricacies of the game. We also encourage you to continue learning and exploring the different game modes and strategies to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable.

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Mastering the FIFA Soccer game: A comprehensive beginner guide

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