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Which Are the Best Free GPS Trackers by Phone Number?

Back in the day, tracking a phone number using GPS was unheard of. Thankfully, this is possible with apps that can perform the task for free. Still, it’s challenging to find suitable, cost-effective options nowadays.

Let’s first cover the inner workings of mobile GPS tracking before looking at the best options for a free GPS tracker by phone number.

How Does Phone Number Tracking with GPS Work?

Firstly, let’s define GPS (Global Positioning System) – a space-based radio-navigation system introduced by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1973. It provides impressive use cases in navigation, tracking, mapping, and, of course, location.

We are interested in learning how GPS locates handheld devices, specifically mobile phones. It works with a network of satellites that circle the Earth, transmitting signals to GPS receivers. You may ask where are these seemingly mysterious receivers. Well, right inside your phone.

Many handheld devices have an antenna built into them designed to pick up the frequency of the waves transmitted by GPS satellites. These receivers are smart enough to decode this information into readable coordinates through what’s known as triangulation. Put simply, it’s a way to decide on a location based on the distance of other nearby points with known locations.

Furthermore, receivers have a clock to determine the signal time. This translates to being able to view the precise time of the location, which is updated based on the strength of the signals.

How Can a Person’s Location Be Tracked Using Their Phone Number?

Truthfully, some skillful deception is necessary. Firstly, you’ll need a purpose-built mobile tracker that you need to install on the device you wish to track. Once the app is installed, it monitors all activities on the gadget without the owner’s detection. Trackers will continue to track a device’s whereabouts as long as the location is on. Alternatively, apps like work via an SMS sent to the device containing an innocent clickable link. It provides anonymity and requires only a phone number (plus, it offers a free trial).

Noteworthy, there are in-built location trackers, such as Find My for iOS and Find My Device for Android. They are free and allow for basic features, although anonymity can only be dreamt of here.

Tracking features of some phone tracking apps work only when you root (for Android) or ‘jailbreak’ (for iOS) the device. This means you gain administration control or privileged access. However, this leaves the gadget exposed to security threats, and the user may notice subtle changes to it, making your tracking efforts less stealthy. Thankfully, the apps we will review shortly function without rooting or jailbreaking, making them more user-friendly and less detectable.

Why Would You Need to Track a Phone Using GPS?

It’s worth noting that tracking someone without permission is unethical or illegal in most countries. Yet many will allow the practice of parents observing their minors. Context is also key. It is perfectly fine for companies to use tracking apps for their employees on company-owned devices, provided the workers have contractually agreed.

Here are the reasons why one may need GPS phone tracking.
Parental control – parents monitor their children’s devices to prevent them from seeing inappropriate content and encountering predators.
Confirming suspicions of a cheating partner – one may want to confirm whether their partner is faithful.
Employee monitoring – employers prioritise keeping company information secret to prevent data leaks. Tracking also helps to maintain productivity for employees in remote and on-site settings.

Best Options for Free GPS Tracking by Phone Number

With the technical information out of the way, let’s cover the best free and paid apps to track a phone number with GPS tracking.


This is an all-around spy phone app designed for parental control, which also allows you to track a device’s location on Google Maps in real time. The platform provides comprehensive tracking features, from observing call history to reading messages across social media and instant messenger apps.


uMobix works with Android and iOS, offering real-time data on the former and interval-based data on the latter. You can view all tracking information on a user-friendly online dashboard. After signing up, users need a few minutes to discreetly install uMobix on the targeted device, where it will function without detection. It offers a $1 trial offer for 2 days.

GEOfinder specializes in tracking phone numbers through GPS anonymously. Unlike other apps, it’s a stripped-down, no-installation app, making it much easier and less noticeable than other apps. Once you have signed up with GEOfinder, you will craft a message to send to the recipient. They will click a link in the message, giving you a real-time view of their location on Google Maps.


Other location features of GEOfinder include an IP logger and a WiFi tracker. GEOfinder also lets users find a device’s location, even if it uses a VPN. Finally, the service also provides a cell phone carrier lookup feature to view phone-identifying data like phone model and operating system. It can be used for free for 1 day within a free trial period.

Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker Free is a budget-friendly, Android-only mobile spy app. It provides basic tracking features completely for free, from logging calls to media tracking. Mobile Tracker also has anonymous real-time location tracking on Google Maps. Using GPS, users can retrieve a device’s position hourly or every 15 minutes. Mobile Tracker Free also offers the location even if the GPS is disabled via the mobile network.

Mobile Tracker

Spyic is another viable option priced competitively and offers advanced tracking capabilities, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and SIM-based geofencing. Users set virtual zones on a map and are notified when the target enters or leaves that area. Other features of Spyic include SMS spying, monitoring multiple instant messengers, and call tracking.

Location Tracking

Finally, we have Cocospy, a parental control app with features like call tracking, photo/video viewing, and a keylogger. Users can benefit from GPS and Wi-Fi-based location monitoring, with entry/exit times, addresses, and geographical coordinates. It is compatible with Android (version 5.1 and up) and iOS (version 6 and up).


Find My for iOS

Find My is an excellent built-in phone tracker that allows you to locate your iPhone or other Apple devices for free. If you lose your iOS device, the Find My app enables you to locate it and protect your data. Log in to it with your Apple ID (the one linked to iCloud) and detect your device’s location on a map. If necessary, you can remotely lock it, erase the data, play a sound, or display a message on it.

Find My Device for Android

Among commonly used methods of location tracking, there is a free built-in opportunity for Android-operated devices. Similar to Apple’s Find My network, Google’s upgraded service leverages Bluetooth and location data from compatible Android devices to track down lost or stolen smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches. If the device needs to be found, log in to your Google account from any other device and view its spot on the map. Note that GPS services should be on, otherwise, you will see the last location synced.


While some effort is necessary from a user perspective, GPS tracking is quite accessible compared to the old days. With the right motivation, it can uncover some valuable information.

It’s crucial to choose the most discreet app to install, as it will be the hardest to detect. excels in this regard. It tracks location with no necessary installation, making it less intensive. While uMobix, Spyic, Mobile Tracker Free, and Cocospy require installation, they offer comprehensive monitoring of over 40 features. Some third-party apps can even be used for free, allowing users to do a test drive.

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