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How to Download Facetune 2 VIP for Free


Facetune 2 is an iOS App that can be used to edit photos and videos. All you have to do is download the Facetune 2 VIP free iOS app onto your iPhone or similar apple device, and you can begin! It is the number 1 photo editing app currently in the App Store. Facetune 2 is currently used by over 100 million users worldwide! Even better is that it can be downloaded and used for free. Or you can subscribe as a VIP on a monthly or yearly plan to get even more photo editing options. Let’s learn more about the face tune app.
Facetune 2 VIP free on ios

Features of Facetune 2 VIP

Facetune has many different features and options to help you edit your photos! With Facetune, you can edit selfies and other photos to smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, remove any blemishes, contour your features, and even add makeup to yourself with better quality than any other available app.
Some other features you can find on the Facetune app are removing wrinkles, fixing redeye, adding a pleasant glow, hiding dark circles, matte your shiny skin, and changing facial features to make them the size and proportion you want. In terms of both size and ratio. There are also several different tools designed to focus on the eyes specifically. Use the app to change the eye color or adjust reflections seen in the eyes. The artistic devices that are made available are the ability to adapt, blend and replace the backgrounds behind the photo subject, the ability to add from a menu of mood filters, and the ability to create special effects. You can also use the darkroom feature, which allows for typical photo adjustments. Meaning you can adjust the structure and saturation. About how to use facetune, you can also use the tools to eliminate shadows and glare. You can even relight the picture and mimic professional studio lighting.

Download Facetune 2 VIP

Here is the tutorial video on how to download the Facetune app free from Panda Helper:

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