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    Fruit Ninja Starfruit Glitch – Facts You Need To Know

    You find Fruit Ninja games on almost every phone. It is quite famous and has variants to it. Let us know about the app and some of the hacks for Fruit Ninja Starfruit Glitch that you can use.

    What is the Fruit Ninja?

    Fruit Ninja is a famous video game designed by HallBrick launched in the year 2010.
    The game as the name suggests is about fruits. The player has to slice the fruits with a sword or blade that can be controlled with your fingers thanks to the touch screen. As you see the fruits on the screen you have to cut them in half. You get extra points for cutting multiple fruits in one go. If you miss three fruits the game ends but if you manage to reach a score of hundred points you get an extra life. Be careful of the bombs or the game ends.

    Fruit Ninja Free Unique Cheats & Tips

    Fruit Ninja Starfruit Glitch
    There are some tricks and tips that you can use while playing the game to score better. The First would be that you can get starfruit without spending real money. You can watch videos and earn them and keep on purchasing new blades and slates. For more free starfruit you should periodically check Gutsu’s cart for them. Do not use long swipes or else you may hit a bomb and end your game.
    Fruit Ninja Starfruit
    You can use the peachy time while in the arcade mode so as to increase your score. It gives you 2 seconds extra. Do not use more than a finger while playing or it may be confusing for the interface. You can turn your phone upside down as that is easier. The fruits come from below so you can aim better if your phone is flipped. Keep in mind to cut the colourful bananas as they help you in increasing your score by a lot. Keep an eye on the daily objectives for rewards.

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    Fruit Ninja
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    Fruit Ninja Starfruit2
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    Fruit Ninja Starfruit Glitch1

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