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Bandai 25th anniversary launch of Tamagotchi Smartwatch

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, BANDAI has also proudly launched an electronic pet smartwatch.

Compared with the earlier version, which could only be interacted with through buttons and a monochrome screen, you can not only pet the electronic pet through the touch screen, but also directly raise your wrist and call it with the help of a microphone.

Tamagotchi smartwatch Bandai 25th anniversary

The first generation of Tamagotchi was first introduced to the general public in November 1996 in the form of an electronic toy for children.

Earlier on Thursday, Kotaku spotted this electronic pet smartwatch from Japanese toymaker Bandai, and found that it has an LCD touchscreen, but only 30 hours of battery life (which needs to be replenished via a USB port).

Tamagotchi smartwatch

For those who want to collect a Tamagotchi smartwatch, please remember to submit your application between June 17 and July 2, and officials will announce later in July which lucky winners have been selected to purchase the watch.

If you don’t get the first launch, you can also wait for the second round of sales that will open on November 23, priced at JP¥7,480.

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