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      SafeInCloud Pro

      SafeInCloud Pro

      • Sizes: 29.66MB
      • Version: 22.3.6
      • Update: 2022-08-27
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      SafeInCloud Pro Screenshot

      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro

      SafeInCloud Pro Description

      SafeInCloud Password Manager allows you to keep your logins, passwords, and other private info safe and secure in an encrypted database. You can synchronize your data with another phone, tablet, Mac or PC via your own cloud account. No subscriptions, no monthly fees! You purchase SafeInCloud once and use it on all your iOS devices without any additional fees. You can share this app with up to 5 members of iCloud Family Sharing group. KEY FEATURES ◆ Easy to Use ◆ Strong Encryption (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard) ◆ Cloud Synchronization (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, NAS, WebDAV) ◆ Login with Touch ID & Face ID ◆ Autofill in Apps ◆ Apple Watch App ◆ Password Strength Analysis ◆ Password Generator ◆ Free Desktop App (Windows, Mac) ◆ Automatic Data Import ◆ Cross-Platform EASY TO USE Try it yourself and enjoy an easy-to-use yet powerful user interface. STRONG ENCRYPTION Your data is always encrypted on a device and in a cloud with a strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This algorithm is used by the U.S. Government for protection of a top secret information. AES is also widely adopted worldwide and became the de facto encryption standard. CLOUD SYNCHRONIZATION Your database is automatically synchronized with your own cloud account. Thus you can easily restore your entire database from a cloud to a new phone or computer (in case of a loss or an upgrade). Your phone, tablet and computer are also automatically synchronized between each other via a cloud. LOGIN WITH TOUCH ID & FACE ID You can instantly unlock SafeInCloud with a fingerprint on devices with Touch ID. You can also unlock SafeInCloud by face recognition using Face ID technology. AUTOFILL IN APPS You can autofill login and password fields into any app on your phone directly from SafeInCloud. You don't need to copy and paste them manually. APPLE WATCH APP You can put some selected cards on your wrist to easily access them on the run. These could be your credit card PINs, door and locker codes. PASSWORD STRENGTH ANALYSIS SafeInCloud analyses your password strengths and shows a strength indicator next to each password. The strength indicator displays an estimated crack time for a password. All cards with weak passwords are marked with a red sign. PASSWORD GENERATOR The password generator helps you generating random and secure passwords. There is also an option to generate memorable, but still strong passwords. FREE DESKTOP APP Download a free Desktop application for Windows or Mac OS from to be able access your database on your computer. The Desktop application also makes data entry and editing fast and easy using a hardware keyboard. AUTOMATIC DATA IMPORT The Desktop application can automatically import your data from another password manager. You don't need to manually reenter all your passwords.

      SafeInCloud Pro Information

      Name SafeInCloud Pro

      Category Productivity

      Developer Andrei Shcherbakov

      Version 22.3.6

      Update 2022-08-27


      Size 29.66MB

      Compatibility Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro
      SafeInCloud Pro



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