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    How to Add Music in Kinemaster

    add music in kinemaster

    What is KineMaster Premium Hack?

    KineMaster is a mobile video editing application for everyone. Many powerful tools, downloadable content, etc., can be used on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook. It is effortless to use and requires very little time to edit the video, and you can easily edit it anytime, anywhere! Use KineMaster Premium Hack can unlock Premium items in Store(not include paid items).

    Of course, if you want to make your video more attractive, you can't do without using songs as the video background during the editing process. You can use romantic songs, pop songs, or just an instrument.

    How to Add Music in Kinemaster?

    Well, this problem is a problem that all beginners of Kinemaster will encounter. But you can follow these steps:

    1.To add hits, please tap the‘Audio’menu option in the Menu circle on the right.

    2.Select the song you want to include in the video.

    3.Tap the plus sign (+) to add the song.

    kinemaster pro ios

    How to add music in Kinemaster as your background sound is effortless. Right? If you want to post your exciting video on Instagram or YouTube? Then don't forget. Finally, you have to export and share the video to preserve previous, and your friends will be able to see your exciting video.

    How to Export and Share Videos?

    Another essential tutorial on how to use KineMaster is to export and share video edits. You can see the steps below:

    1.Tap the ‘Export’menu icon in the top right corner.

    2.adjust the resolution and frame rate of your video.

    3.If so, tap‘Export‘.

    kinemaster premium ios

    Transform your videos with KineMaster will be the right choice. Powerful tools, easy to use, and it will make your video more fantastic and beautiful! Quickly open Kinemaster and start your journey of high-quality video editing!

    You can download KineMaster Premium Hack here, and enjoy add music in Kinemaster for free.