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    Download and Play Octodad iOS for Free

    Octodad iOS Overview:

    Octodad iOS is a game that describes the father's perspective and is full of destruction and traps. In Octodad iOS, the player will control a well-dressed Octodad dressed as an adult through his daily life. Various struggles with life always accompany the appearance of the Octodad because he must learn to use his clumsy boneless tentacles to complete multiple tasks in the human world. And at the same time, he cannot let his family know that he is a cephalopod Secrets of the class animals.

    octodad ios

    In Octodad iOS, you can control the limbs of this octodad and then follow the prompts in the game to complete various tasks. Players have to switch back and forth to control foot movements and hand movements, get keys, tie a tie, wear a ring, and other things.

    octodad ios

    Updates of Octodad iOS:

    In the new version of Octodad iOS, here are some updates:

    - Fix achievements saving.

    - Sunset external storage read/write permissions.

    Octodad iOS Tips:

    When Octodad stands in front of the target item, many people will operate Octodad to reach for the target item in one step, but the result is often a failure. Because there are still many "obstacles" between the target item and Octodad, even if you are very close, in the hand action mode, the game Octodad iOS will not help you identify and locate it (green light).

    octodad ios

    Because controlling Octodad's hand also requires several operations, you need to switch back to walking mode after picking up something, so Octodad can complete the task faster and pass the level.

    Hack Features of Octodad iOS:

    1. Fresh and cute cartoon style art pictures, giving you a refreshing visual experience.

    2. The ups and downs of the story are fascinating, making you feel like you are in this adventure world.

    3. Simple and interesting gameplay, you can play it anytime, anywhere.

    4. Improve the diversified collection achievement system to satisfy your desire to collect.

    How to Download Octodad iOS for Free:

    In the app store, Octodad iOS needs cost $4.99, but you can you can download it for free using Panda Helper.


    Open Safari and visit Panda Helper. Download Panda Helper from the official website. If you are not a VIP member of Panda Helper, to get a better experience, you can become a VIP member.

    octodad ios

    After in Panda Helper is installed, open it and search for Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

    Then download it and please enjoy it.

    octodad ios