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    Frequently Asked Questions about King of Thieves App

    What is the King of Thieves App:

    King of thieves app is a theft-themed strategy RPG game. Through the cute cartoon graphics style show but also has a wealth of game levels, a blend of dungeon elements, full of fun and adventure, and provides a leaderboard function to stimulate your competitive passion and be liked by many players.

    king of thieves app

    In the king of thieves app, players will play the "King of Thieves" while invading other players' strongholds, plundering treasures, while building defensive facilities to protect their strongholds and treasures.

    How to Play King of Thieves App:

    King of thieves app played in two stages:

    The first stage in the king of thieves app is the breakthrough part. Similar to parkour games, players can only move forward and not backward and hit any traps. Organs will die. Players can only pass clicks on the screen to avoid all kinds of obstacles, eat the treasure chest to win the victory.

    king of thieves app

    And the second stage is the integration of the COC gameplay part of the king of thieves app, and the player can design their dungeon to defend the gems obtained. You can also go to crack other people's dungeons to get each other's resources.

    Features of King of Thieves App:

    King of thieves app can masturbate so many players, in my opinion, mainly because of its excellent features.

    Here are some features of the king of thieves app:

    1. Players can steal the glitter and shine, collect gold and gems from other players and become the wealthiest thief in the world of the king of thieves app.

    2. Players can defend the loot in the king of thieves app.

    For example, design dungeons and guard against other thieves who enter your traps. Compete against players from all over the world and throw your opponents to the bottom of the leaderboard.

    3. You can create new outfits for your character in the king of thieves app.

    The most capable thief should look cool! Travel and explore. Test your agility with 80 single-player levels, or plunge into the underworld of user-generated content.

    king of thieves app

    Hack Features:

    - God Mode.

    Note: It doesn't give your keys back if you get hit by the trap. The benefit of this lets you retry the stage multiple times. It might get a ban. Use wisely.

    How to Download King of Thieves App without Jailbreak from Panda Helper:

    If you want to use the King of thieves app, you can download it without jailbreak using Panda Helper.


    Open Safari and visit Panda Helper. Download Panda Helper from the official website. If you are not a VIP member of Panda Helper, to get a better experience, you can become a VIP member.

     king of thieves app

    After Panda Helper is installed, open it and search for King of Thieves Hack.

    Then download it, and please enjoy it.