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    How to Download Flux without Jailbreak

    Flux without Jailbreak Overview:

    Are you struggling to fall asleep?
    Are your kids getting excited about playing games on their tablets before bedtime?
    Are you still using your smartphone and tablet late at night?
    Flux without jailbreak might be just what you need!

    Flux without jailbreak is a powerful eye protection artifact. The app is powerful. It can effectively reduce and filter the blue light of the mobile phone, protect your glasses, and support arbitrary conversion in various modes, such as bright and dark conditions,trying to protect your eyes.

    flux without jailbreak

    Features of Flux without Jailbreak:

    How to use Flux without Jailbreak:

    -The interval between maximum brightness and minimum brightness (recommended to keep the default); Flux without jailbreak can provide users with suitable light.

    -Set your longitude and latitude (there is a link to Google Maps, enter the city to give the longitude and latitude automatically). Then, flux without jailbreak will automatically calibrate the color temperature of the device's display to the time of day based on the sunrise and sunset at the selected location. It gradually changes the color temperature to a warmer color at sunset and restores its original color at dawn.

    -Users can choose from various color profiles and predefined temperature values. They can also modify the program's behavior for specific programs or events, including movie mode, which reduces the red tone for 2.5 hours, and darkroom mode that does not affect night vision.

    flux without jailbreak

    Highlight of Flux without Jailbreak:

    Flux without Jailbreak supporters speculates that changing the color temperature of the display to reduce the prominence of white and blue light at night will improve the effectiveness of sleep. It may be one of the reasons why this software is so popular. In my opinion, the reason why Flux without Jailbreak is so popular is also because of the following convenient features:

    -No ads.

    -The interface is simple.

    -Global coverage.

    -Filter blue light.

    -The degree of warmth is adjusted.

    How to Download Flux without Jailbreak:

    If you want to use Flux without Jailbreak, you can download it for free using Panda Helper.

    Open Safari and visit Panda Helper, download Panda Helper from the official website. If you are not a VIP member of Panda Helper, to get a better experience, you can become a VIP member.

    flux without jailbreak

    After the Panda Helper is installed, open it and search for f.lux. Then download it and enjot it.

    flux without jailbreak