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    • HamzaHamzz

    • Zeeshan ahmad

      Update please 🙏

    • Nicolas

      Update please

    • Fa

      update !!!

    • Anxiety


    • Hamod

      Shows me should update what is the solution

    • Sev

      This isn’t working? I’ve just paid for VIP and the app says it needs to be updated. I clicked update and it took me to the normal App Store where it then downloaded the normal 8 ball app? What’s going on? How do I use this?

    • Snir

      Why no update

    • D


    • Kyle Wallwork

      Update plz

    • ZeyRox

      Please Update the game

    • Van Sloy

    • Van Sloy

      Van Sloy

    • Zap

      Update the game please!


    • Lui

      Update the fame please, if not then money wasted! :(

    • Chan Thy


    • Jeff

      Yes please update the game

    • Abbe

      Please update the game

    • mincev


    Panda Helper

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