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    How to Free Install Kodi Jarvis for Android & iOS

    What is Kodi Jarvis for Android?

    Kodi Jarvis for Android

    Kodi Jarvis for Android is a media-player jukebox and entertainment center for all digital media.

    Kodi Jarvis for Android is a cross-platform and open-source software (GPL) used for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Xbox game consoles. Kodi Jarvis for Android can play a complete multimedia format and has playlist playback, audio visualization, picture viewing, slideshow, and weather forecast functions, as well as many third-party plug-ins and plug-ins.

    Features of Kodi Jarvis

    Kodi Jarvis for Android

    - Easy to install and use, very convenient and flexible, and has a high-cost performance.

    -There is no adware or spyware at all.

    -Allows you to install third-party add-ons that can provide access to free content on official content provider websites.

    You should note that the official Kodi version does not contain any content. This means that you should provide your content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-ray, or any other media carrier you own.

    How to Free Install Kodi Jarvis for Android & iOS

    Kodi Jarvis for Android

    If you want to download Kodi Jarvis for Android & iOS, you need to download Panda Helper first.

    Android version download steps:

    Step 1: Go Panda Helper official website:Panda Helper Android.

    Step 2: When the website is loaded, tap on the "Download" option.

    Kodi Jarvis for Android

    Step 3: If it comes up with the "Install blocked," you need first to enable Unknown Sources to install third-party APK files on Android. Go to your Phone's "Settings > Security," and you will see the Unknown Sources option. (This function may be located in different setting options for other phone models.)

    Kodi Jarvis for Android

    Step 4: Then find out the Panda Helper apk and install it.

    Kodi Jarvis for Android

    Step 5: Launch Panda Helper, search for Kodi Jarvis for Android and get it for free.

    Step 6: Check out Kodi Jarvis for Android and enjoy it!

    iOS version download steps:

    Similar to the download steps for Android, the website for iOS is this: Panda Helper iOS

    Choose the free version to install. If you want a better experience, you recommend downloading the VIP version of Panda Helper.