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      Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 - Dino Sim

      Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 - Dino Sim

      • Sizes: 87.25 MB
      • Version: 2.4
      • Update: 2024/05/16
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      Modified Description

      A lot of money.


      Prepare to be a part of the biggest, most terrifying and horrific Jurassic dinosaur attack of all time! Unleash the true power of dinosaur destruction simulator and beat all other efforts of dinosaur hunt in this amazing angry dinosaur sim game. Be it buildings, cars, gas tanks and even humans, as a player of dino simulator, you got to destroy what you got to destroy. No excuses!

      Play Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 – Dino Sim now!

      Terrifying Dino Simulator Game
      Get set to enter the terrifying dino destruction simulator. At the start of every level, you will be given a Jurassic dinosaur attack target to meet. Destroy cars, destroy dinosaur city, devour the pedestrians and cause maximum destruction to meet the goals of every dinosaur sim attack. In this dino simulator game, you will get to experience the true perspective of a deadly dinosaur as you Unleash Jurassic Dinosaur Attack on the city.

      Destroy Anything and Everything!
      As a savage angry dinosaur sim, your only goal is to destroy anything and everything that comes in your way. Follow the natural killing instincts of the biggest, deadliest animals ever found on the face of earth with the help of this dino simulator. Meet the target of every level to complete the mission and earn points.

      Unlock All Destruction Simulator Dinosaurs
      To make the Jurassic dinosaur attack more fun and the dinosaur hunt more challenging for others, you can unlock new dinosaurs to wreak havoc in the city. Move through different roads, streets and new landscapes to destroy it all in every new level. Embark with us on a terrifying and horror filled dinosaur simulation. Become a crazy and bloodthirsty dinosaur and hunt for all kinds of creatures. Wreak havoc in peaceful environments (City and Jungle) and destroy cars, buildings and flora.

      How to play Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 – Dino Sim:
      - Download and launch dinosaur games in your device
      - Choose an angry dinosaur sim, pick a level and see your target
      - Control the left joystick to move left, right, forward or backward
      - Tap right button to jump over obstacles and buildings in the game
      - Destroy cars, destroy city and other elements to meet destruction simulator target
      - Use your score to unlock more dino simulator avatars and dino types

      Amazing Features of Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 – Dino Sim
      - Simple and easy to play dinosaur games UI/UX
      - Appealing HD Dinosaur city graphics and immersive game play
      - Control the direction of angry dinosaur sim through the joystick
      - Jump over the dino simulator buildings or other hurdles to cause destruction
      - Unleash the Jurassic dinosaur attack and beat all efforts of dinosaur hunt
      - Unlock new dinosaurs to cause more destruction in this amazing game
      - Set new dinosaur city destruction score record and impress your friends

      Are your ready to cause the most amount of destruction in this dinosaur games simulator? Download and play Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 – Dino Sim today!

      Please feel free to suggest us any improvements that could help us make the game better. Thank You!


      Name Dinosaur Simulator Games 2021 - Dino Sim

      Category GAMES

      Developer yes games studio

      Version 2.4

      Update 2024/05/16

      Languages English

      Size 87.25 MB

      Compatibility Android 5.0+

      Root Needed No Need



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