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      Modern Hovercraft Racing 2015

      Modern Hovercraft Racing 2015

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      • Update: 2024/05/16
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      Welcome mobile gamers to our first hovercraft racing simulator ever published on the google play store. Let's get wet and so some AWESOME water racing in one of the best hovercraft racing games that is available on the google play store. This game is the perfect combination of real speed boat racing and real jet ski racing. These two themes combined you will get this AWESOME hovercraft racing simulator!!Get to know how it feels being a real AWESOME and skilled boat driver. This speed boat simulator is not just for every regular boat driver.. Nope.. this speed boat simulator is only for the best of the best boat driver! What will your fastest time be? Show your hovercraft racing skills in these AWESOME hovercraft racing games. How fast can you go on a water hovercraft and have perfect handling control at the same time? This game gives you the opportunity to show the world you are a talented boat driver in this speed boat racing game.In the beginning of these water racing games we give you an AWESOME water hovercraft to start your career with. When you are a good enough boat driver you will collect winners money so you can buy an even more AWESOME water hovercraft. In the beginning the racing challenges are not extremely difficult but the more levels you complete the more challenging these various game levels will become. Playing these hovercraft games will turn a rookie boat driver into a PRO boat driver.We make these water motorcycle games especially for all the gamers who like to play speed boat simulator games, jet ski simulator games and water motorcycle games. If so, we have one simple advice: download, play and most importantly ENJOY our newest jet ski simulator game!Modern Hovercraft Racing 2015 - KEY FEATURES- awesome 3D graphics in these water motorcycle games- smooth and realistic jet ski controls in these hovercraft racing games- many levels for hours of water motorcycle games fun in these hovercraft racing games- user friendly interface in these hovercraft racing games- these speed boat simulator games are suitable for both man and woman of all agesTo all gamers who like speed boat simulator games, jet ski simulator games and water motorcycle games: PLEASE ENJOY THE WATER BOAT RACING SHOW.* ANY PURCHASE MADE IN THE GAME WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVERWe're on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newest games and other news updates:Facebook - -


      Name Modern Hovercraft Racing 2015

      Category GAMES

      Developer trimcogames

      Update 2024/05/16

      Languages English

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