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      • Sizes: 34.68 MB
      • Version: 2.0
      • Update: 2024/04/25
      Install by Panda Helper

      Modified Description

      Modify a large number of currencies.


      Work is lost, but still want to play.
      Borrow money to spend on the trip.
      After the bet wins then pay back the money just fine.

      Clearly negative with debt, but like gambling super, super sister like hostesses, but are reluctant to go to work anyway.
      If you really have no money, but also to let his wife go to work to earn money.

      Men do not want to work anyway, put the debt repaid play noisy games.

      Every seven days, 'debt collection Birdman "will be required to repay part of the debt-to-door.
      Before repayment date ready for this part of the cash it through gambling.
      If not on words .....

      Gambling outlets have horse racing, lotteries and slot.
      But there are some different places.

      The gamble paid off, go and find a nightclub hostess sister enjoy it!
      To send them gifts, may also be advantageous to obtain gambling props Oh.

      To such a rotten person refused to work, my wife is hard to work.
      Wage income to be used for gambling yet.

      By gambling, re-energized
      Or more gambling more to lose, into hell .....

      Is such a man's life game.


      Name 欠債要靠賭博來還

      Category GAMES

      Developer birdman app

      Version 2.0

      Update 2024/04/25

      Languages English

      Size 34.68 MB

      Compatibility Android 4.0.3+

      Root Needed No Need



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