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      Zombie Ghosts Coin Party Dozer

      Zombie Ghosts Coin Party Dozer

      • Sizes: 61.07 MB
      • Version: 10.1.2
      • Update: 2024/04/25
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      Modified Description

      A lot of money


      The BEST AD-FREE DOZER GAME on the store.

      Welcome to the world of living dead where zombies, ghosts, monsters, phantoms, spirits roam about. Collect your prizes and treats and stay out of their way.

      Push coins into the bank to boost your score, push them in the gutters to get karma, win super cool prizes, go on quests through amazing worlds, upgrade your abilities & use power-ups strategically to maximize all your rewards. Still want more?! Head over to the spin wheel or the jackpot slots to try your luck. Join thousands of players on the BEST DOZER GAME on the store & while you're at it, even bring your friends with you & have fun together.

      The special prizes are so cool you will want to collect them all. Got a few extra? Trade them for coins at any time & never stop playing.
      ★ Warlock's Cat
      ★ Ghastly Ghost
      ★ Witch's Cauldron
      ★ Mischievous Minion
      ★ Angry Alien
      ★ Living Dead
      ★ Reaping Grim
      ★ Menacing Mummy
      ★ Pumpkin
      ★ Count Vlad

      The special chips are made just for you to boost all your rewards. Feel the thrill as they land on the table pushing closer & closer to your bank.
      ★ Gold Bar Chip (rewards you with a gold bar)
      ★ XP Chip (rewards you with bonus XP)
      ★ Power-Up Chip (rewards you with a power-up)
      ★ Blitz Chip (rewards you with a coin shower)
      ★ Comet Chip (rewards you with a comet shower)
      ★ Portal Chip (rewards you with a portal that moves all coins to your bank)
      ★ Prize Chip (rewards you with a special prize)
      ★ Buck Chip (rewards you with party bucks)
      ★ Joker Chip (rewards you with one of the above special chips)

      Want to tilt the odds in your favor? You have a ton of power-ups at your disposal to energize the game table.
      ★ Mega Dozer (enables an extended dozer that pushes even more coins into your bank)
      ★ Bone Shield (enables a shield of skulls & bones so none of your coins or prizes go into the gutter)
      ★ Brain Attack (launches zombie brains on the game table pushing more coins & prizes into your bank)
      ★ Zombie Call (The undead rise from their graves & push all your coins & prizes into your bank)
      ★ Dust Devil (releases a tornado that rampages on the game table pushing all coins & prizes into your bank)

      How many of the 70 quests can you unlock? Compete with your friends & see who becomes the ultimate COIN EXPLORER first.

      Feeling lucky? Head over to the slots & bet gold bars to multiply your rewards. Think you can win the jackpot?!

      Got a spin token? Got 10? Spin the fortune wheel & hang on to your seat as the wheel slows down towards your reward.

      See how you're doing compared to everyone in our vibrant community. Try to unlock all the achievements to become the ultimate COIN MASTER!

      Why are you having all of this fun alone? Just connect Facebook & invite all of your friends so you can compare scores & send/receive coins.

      Spend all your time playing the game without any annoying ads or popups. See an ad only when you want to & win coins, power-ups, spin tokens & more.

      Contact us at for any help or queries.

      Like our Facebook page ( & join our active community of players.


      Name Zombie Ghosts Coin Party Dozer

      Category GAMES

      Developer mindstorm studios

      Version 10.1.2

      Update 2024/04/25

      Languages English

      Size 61.07 MB

      Compatibility Android 4.0.3+

      Root Needed No Need



      1712 Ratings

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