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    • Size: 14.62 MB
    • Version: 1.3.0
    • Update: 2022/05/20
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    ** Info about where others are placing their bets

    This app offers:

    - How odds change over time
    - Underdog info and changes
    - Value bets soccer tips
    - High Returns >@4 Winners of the day soocer tips
    - Hot tips with more than 20% odds change
    - Bet filters, today's and tomorrow's games
    - Search games by name and odds
    - Accumulator tips with implicit probability
    - Probability of winning per match
    - Bankroll bet recommendation

    -Where to start?
    Select one of the options from the sidebar or in the top menu. In each section you will find tips to help you place your bets.

    -Value Bets
    Shows all games that have a higher probability of an outcome than the odds.

    -Flipped Odds
    Shows all games where odds have flipped to make the previous underdog the favorite.

    -Underdogs to Bet On
    Shows games where the underdog has a value bet.

    -Hot Tips
    Shows games where one team’s odds have gone down more than 20%. This team’s probability is increasing and the odds are lower.

    -High Returns
    Shows games where one team’s odds are higher than 4. These are low probability bets with high returns.

    -Dropping Odds
    Shows games where the odds of a favorite are dropping. The probability for the favorite to win is increasing.

    -Odds Change Filters
    Shows games where one team’s odds have changed by the selected percentage.

    -Bankroll % Filters
    Shows games with a bankroll recommendation percentage based on the current odds and selected filter.

    -Probability Filters
    Shows games where one team’s probability to win is higher than the selected percentage.

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    Name BetControl

    Category APPS

    Developer JuanSolo

    Version 1.3.0

    Update 2022/05/20

    Languages English

    Size 14.62 MB

    Compatibility Android 4.1+

    Root Needed No Need

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